The Importance of Storing Your Guns Properly

How you store your gun will determine how long it will serve you and the quality of performance it will deliver. Gun is a huge investment and thus needs proper storage. Additionally, owning a gun is a huge responsibility, and if it is not stored properly, it can cause a lot of harm.

Therefore, proper gun storage is a part of being a responsible gun owner. A majority of gun owners use Large Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe to store their guns. Whether you are a military service member, a law enforcement officer, or a civilian, knowing how to store your gun is especially important. In this article, we will discuss the importance of storing your firearms properly.

It Helps to Improve Your Gun’s Safety

Many people purchase a gun for self-defence purposes. However, if you do not keep your gun in a safe place, then it can pose a huge safety risk to you and your family members. Studies show that more than half of gun owners in the United States store at least one gun unsafely, thus posing a huge safety risk to their families.

If you do not keep your gun safe, then anybody, including kids, can access the gun and injure themselves or other people around. The best way to prevent this is by keeping your gun in a safe place. Store your weapon in a place where unauthorized persons cannot access it.

It Prevents Your Weapons from Being Stolen

Apart from keeping your gun safe, proper storage also helps prevent your gun from being stolen and used elsewhere to commit a crime. A report by Gifford Law center showed that gun theft in the United States is on a steady rise.

The report revealed that over 380,000 guns are stolen each year, and the sad news is that most stolen guns usually end up in the hands of criminals who use them to commit crimes. Proper gun storage can help you avoid your gun being stolen and used to commit a crime.

Law Requires Gun Owners to Store Them Properly

Many states require gun owners to store their guns properly away from children and other family members. Currently, over 11 states have laws regarding the proper storage of guns. For instance, Massachusetts requires all gun holders to store their weapons safely using a lock. Failure to do so could result in being charged and fined. In some cases, your gun license may be revoked. So make sure you understand gun storage laws in your state and comply with them to avoid getting in trouble.

Proper Storage Helps to Keep the Gun in Perfect Condition

If you own a gun, then you know that they are not cheap. The prices of guns have been rising steadily over the years. Many people who want to own a gun are usually forced to save for months.

The last thing you want after working so hard to own a gun is for it to get damaged after a few months of use. Properly storing your gun will keep it in good condition, meaning it will serve you for many years to come. The overall cost of maintenance will significantly reduce if you store your gun in a safe place.

It Keeps Your Guns Well Organized

Another benefit of properly keeping your gun is that it keeps it well organized and easy to retrieve. This is important, especially for people who own multiples guns. When you store your gun in a well-organized place, you can quickly access it when the need arises. For instance, if thieves attack your home, you can easily get your gun quickly and ambush them.

Tips on How to Store Your Gun Safely in a Gun Safe:

Remove Moisture from the Safe

Moisture in your gun safe can cause serious damage that cannot be repaired. Exposing your valuable gun to moisture can lead to rust, with could cause some parts to stick together and the gun to potentially misfire. A high level of humidity can also cause your gun to be covered or surrounded by molds. To prevent all this, you need to remove moisture from the safe using a dehumidifier. This will prevent rust and mold from forming, thus keeping your gun in good condition.

Clean and Oil Your Gun

Another crucial thing to do before storing your gun in a safe is to clean it thoroughly to remove any buildup to residues before storing it. As they say, a clean gun is a safe gun. Multiple shots will result in the buildup of powder residues, grime, and gasses in its action and on the barrel. If these residues are left to stay, they will affect both the performance and durability of your gun in the long run.

So, before storing your firearm in the safe, ensure that you clean it thoroughly to remove anything that could affect its performance and durability. Cleaning your gun is not good enough. Once you are done cleaning the gun, go a step further and lubricate it using appropriate gun oil.

Oiling your gun will help to reduce friction between various mechanical parts of the weapon for enhanced durability and performance. Always clean and lubricate your gun before storing it in the safe.

Inspect Your Gun Regularly Every Time You Recharge the Dehumidifier

Every time your recharge the dehumidifier in the safe, it is advised you inspect the condition of your gun to see if it is in perfect condition. Just because the safe is free from moisture does not mean that your gun is 100% safe.

There are many other things, such as high temperatures, that may damage your gun in the safe. Therefore, every time you recharge the dehumidifier, inspect your gun to see if it is still in good shape or not. If it’s not in good condition, find out the cause and fix the problem immediately.

If you own a gun or planning to purchase one soon, you need to ensure it is stored properly. This way, you will protect your gun from being stolen and enhance your safety and that of your loved ones. How you store your gun in the safe also matters a lot. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the tips given above when storing your gun in the safe to keep it in good condition.

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