Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box Review

Gun enthusiasts with a large collection, those new to gun ownership, and any gun owner who wants to keep their firearms in pristine condition will appreciate everything the Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box has to offer. This kit is massive in size and comes with many popular and unique cleaning tools and supplies that you can only get from Otis, in one large gun cleaning toolbox. This set is a steal for the price and comes loaded with everything you could possibly need to clean your entire gun collection.

Our Verdict: It’s obvious that this is a set that has it all. But unlike some competing gun cleaning kits that you’ll come across; this kit includes many popular tools produced by this manufacturer that are high quality all the way. The versatility of the kit will allow you to clean your entire gun collection, whether you have handguns, rifles, or shotguns, and includes sixteen bore brush sizes to choose from. While the price may seem steep, consider how much money you’ll save compared to if you purchased each tool or type of cleaning supplies separately. This kit is housed in a durable toolbox, which makes it highly portable, not to mention it will help you stay organized. Otis has done it again by delivering exactly what gun enthusiasts are looking for and that’s a gun cleaning kit that’s versatile and loaded with all of the essential tools and cleaning supplies that you’ll rely on each time you clean one of your firearms.

Overview and Features

This set is perfect for any gun owner who wants to keep their firearms in perfect working order. The versatility of the kit allows you to work on a wide variety of firearms, so you will only need this one kit to clean your entire collection. The kit is loaded with a variety of high quality and popular cleaning tools by Otis and comes with all the supplies you’ll need to clean your firearms for years to come. I’ll start off this Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box review by going over all of the different tools and supplies you’ll find in this massive gun cleaning kit.

Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box

Product Rating: (5/5)

  • Includes high-quality tools
  • Sixteen bore brushes
  • Durable toolbox
  • Comes with the popular B.O.N.E cleaning tool
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Highly portable


Package Details

One of the biggest reasons this set is so popular is not just the number of tools and supplies it comes with, but the overall quality. The manufacturer has included many of their most popular gun cleaning tools in this kit, which is a huge plus for the new gun owner, or gun enthusiasts who love many of the manufacturer’s unique and durable patented cleaning tools. This massive set comes loaded with all of the essential gun cleaning tools and supplies, so you’ll save plenty of cash compared to if you purchased each tool separately.

This set comes with the following supplies:

  • Four firearm specific ripcords
  • B.O.N.E. cleaning tool
  • Sixteen bore brushes
  • Memory-Flex cables and thread connector
  • Large and small obstruction removers
  • Three bronze brushes
  • Straight pick
  • Lug scraper
  • Standard scraper
  • AP brush
  • Female and male rod
  • BIO preferred cleaner


This large, sturdy toolbox will allow you to store and organize all of your gun cleaning supplies, neatly, so you can easily find all of your tools and supplies each time you clean one of your firearms. The box features several compartments designed specifically for each type of tool or cleaning supplies, which will also allow you to keep an eye on the quantity of your supplies so you can reorder once your stock runs low. The toolbox itself is large, durable, and built tough. It also comes equipped with a handle on top, is highly portable, and will protect all of your gun cleaning gear and supplies from dust, dirt, and debris.

BIO Preferred Cleaner

This set includes a 0.5 ounce and 4-ounce bottles of FP10 lubricant Elite, as well as a 0.34-ounce bottle of all-weather grease. Applicators are included for each bottle, for easy application and less mess.

16 Bronze Bore Brushes

This kit includes a variety of bore brushes that are designed to help you thoroughly clean your firearm, each and every time. The gauge and caliber specific brushes have the size clearly labeled on the stem, so you can pick and choose the correct brush based on gun type. These brushes come equipped with a Tufcor core wire that’s corrosive resistant, complete with a tighter twist that delivers superior bristle retention.

Choosing the right bore brush for your cleaning needs will depend on which one will work the best for loosening fouling.

These brushes are made out of bronze. Some gun enthusiasts argue that nylon is a gentler, more effective option, but each type of bore brush material comes with its pros and cons. At the end of the day, it’s really a matter of personal preference. These bronze brushes are durable, designed to last, and do an excellent job of removing powder residue, gunk, and grime, so your firearms will remain in pristine condition and offer an accurate performance.

Most of these brushes are a couple of inches long. This length is perfect for most types of firearms. So, you can easily pull the brush through from breech to muzzle, no disassembly required. The smaller one-inch bore brushes in this set are designed for .17 and .22 caliber for limited breech action.


The Ripcord by Otis is a popular tool that delivers the best one-pass cleaning. At the core of the Ripcord, you’ll find the Memory Flex cable, which allows you to run the Ripcord through your firearm from breech to muzzle. The helix-shaped rigid rubber will keep the cleaning surface pushed up against the bore, for a more aggressive clean. The surface is made out of braided Nomex, which is designed to handle up to seven hundred degrees of heat, so you can use this tool in the field or at the range, when your firearm is still hot. For a more thorough cleaning, you can also attach this tool to a bore brush.

This tool can be used dry or wet. The manufacturer recommends using this tool in the field or at the range, when the firearm is still warm, when fouling and carbon is still loose in the firearm’s barrel. You’ll find that the fouling comes loose out of the barely easily when the firearm is hot. While this tool can be used with solvent, the tool will last significantly longer if you use it for dry cleaning. If you want to use solvent, you’ll only need to place a few drops on the leading end of the tool. To keep the Ripcord clean and extend its life, you can attach a patch and a slotted tip to the end, then apply the solvent directly to the patch.

Cotton Patches

This set comes with two-inch and three-inch 100% cotton patches. Cleaning patches are a must when it comes to removing debris, residue, copper, and dust from the barrel. Some people choose to use old shirts or kitchen rolled patches, but they’re simply not as effective.

3 Slotted Tips

This set comes with three slotted tips. The tips are threaded to attach to a cleaning rod and slotted to allow you to put a cleaning patch through the rod for more efficient cleaning.

Patch Savers

Patch savers allow you to achieve a nice tight patch when you’re cleaning your firearms. The patch savers should be used in conjunction with the included three-inch cotton patches and a slotted tip. A patch saver provides 360-degrees of coverage in the barrel, so you’ll use fewer patches and save on supplies.

B.O.N.E. Tool

This tool was specifically designed to clean fouling and carbon from the bolt carrier assembly area on AR and MSR style rifles. This tool does an excellent job of easily and quickly removing fouling from the firing pin, bolt carrier, and bolt.

Memory Flex Cable

This cable is compatible with other Otis cleaning tools. When used with a bore brush, cotton patch, and slotted tips, you can clean your firearms easily, from breech to muzzle. The cable is very flexible and coated, so it won’t damage the crown.

Small and Large Obstruction Removers

This tool will come in handy when you need to knock out bore obstructions. They work by attaching to the end of the included Memory Flex cable and can remove stuck cases, dirt, snow, mud, and debris from the bore. The end of the tool is concave, so it won’t come into contact with the firing pin if you’re trying to remove a stuck bullet. This will also prevent a stuck round from mushrooming inside the barrel.

Scraper Set

The included scraper set features a couple of rod handles, a compact receiver brush, a nylon end brush, a pin punch, straight pick, locking lug scraper, and a standard scraper. These tools will not damage your firearm and are designed to help you thoroughly clean certain hard to reach areas, such as the rails, bolt face, slides, and locking lugs.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Can work with a wide range of firearm types
  • Easy to use
  • Will not damage your firearms
  • Massive set
  • Includes a sturdy toolbox
  • Highly portable
  • High quality tools


  • Price
  • Bottle of cleaning oil leaks
  • Handle on the toolbox feels flimsy

Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating: (5/5)

As you can see, the Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box comes loaded with all the cleaning supplies and tools you’ll need to clean your entire gun collection. The kit also comes with some great instructions that go over what each tool is and how they work. Overall, while the price may be steep, considering the volume of supplies and their overall quality, this set is a steal for the price and a gun cleaning kit that you’ll find yourself relying on for all of your firearm cleaning needs, for several years to come. I gave this set a rating of five out of five stars.


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