Must-Have Items For Your Survival Pack

For any outdoor enthusiast, a survival kit is a necessity. The outdoors is a challenging place, and anything can happen. You can’t tell when danger will befall you, so it is best always to be ready and armed. So whether you are going hiking, skiing, or camping, it is always essential to have a survival kit.

However, people will need different survival kits to survive in specific situations. Therefore, you need to customize yours to fit your specific needs and the likely emergencies you might face. Your safety should be the priority, and safety begins with your survival pack or kit.

The kit should be well equipped for any emergency. Although you can equip your survival pack with any item you may like, there are certain mandatory items you must have. These include:


Water is priority ‘numero uno’. It is absolutely essential for any outdoor activity as you may feel thirsty or want to wash your hands and other things such as dishes and even fruits.

For you to survive well, you will need one gallon of water daily. So if you are two individuals, each will need to pack a gallon of water per day. 


If you know that your journey is going to be long, organize your sources of food. Carry a minimum of a three-day non-perishable supply of food as it can stay fresh for several days.

Crank Radio

Crank Radios, especially NOAA radios, are perfect when it comes to notifying you about weather conditions. These items can also act as beacons whenever your cell phone does not work and are also useful when you cannot use the internet to give you any information about the weather conditions around you. They are designed to be powerful, better, and light and function efficiently in a situation of survival.  


Flashlights are essential for your survival kit. At night, flashlights come to the rescue anytime you need a source of light or in the case of an emergency. They also allow you to be on the move even during the nighttime in the outdoors. 

First Aid Kit

You never know when you might injure yourself while on your journey. Danger can strike at any moment, so to safeguard yourself, it’s important to carry a well-equipped first aid kit.

Extra Batteries

You need extra batteries in your survival kit to act as a backup during an emergency. For example, in case of a power blackout or any situation where your battery-powered devices are not functioning, extra batteries will prove useful. 


A whistle is another essential item to include in your survival pack. Whistles can be used to signal your need for help or scare animals away. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, a whistle will help you signal to others. This will also make it easy for rescue teams to locate you.

Dust Mask

A dust mask offers protection from materials like mold spores, vapors, fumes, and dust. In addition to this, a dust mask is also important for people with allergies as it will keep them protected from respiratory problems. Moreover, a dust mask will protect you from contagious illnesses during any calamity.

Plastic Sheeting/Duct Tape

Duct tapes and plastic sheeting will protect you from bad weather, contaminated air, hazardous materials, or chemical and radiological materials. You can use plastic sheeting with duct tape to seal air vents, windows, and doors.

Moist Towelettes 

You might not get running water during a disaster, so it is essential to pack moist towelettes for cleaning hands. This will ensure your personal sanitation.


A multi-tool, as its name suggests, is a tool that performs multiple purposes. First, it can help you reduce the amount of baggage to carry on your trip.

Second, this tool is tremendous for its ability to provide several simple and effective solutions. It includes wire snips, bottle openers, carabiner, mini pliers, and a host of other tools all in one hand-held device.

Manual Can Opener

A manual can opener will help you open your canned foods with ease during an emergency, tired or hungry. In addition to that, remember to carry a familiar type of opener or practice using the opener before you pack it because it can be exhausting to find that you can’t operate the opener in an emergency.

Local Maps

With a map of the area, you can easily navigate the landscape in case you get lost. You can have many other items in your survival kit, but carrying a set of local maps can save your life as you can use it to find your way back to safety.

Cell Phone and Chargers/Backup Battery

A cell phone, a charger, and a backup battery are essential items that you should not forget in your survival pack. Although your flashlight might have enough charge, your cell phone is essential, as is a portable charger. These items mean that you can remain connected and communicate with the world in case of any emergency. 

Copies of Personal Documents

Personal documents are a necessity in any situation you might find yourself in. For example, your medication information and covers can help you get medical attention in a certain hospital around you. Copies of your passport, National ID, birth certificate, proof of address, and insurance policies are important.


Always carry extra sets of clothes. Plus, in the outdoors, the weather can change at any time. Therefore, you need clothes that can serve you during cold, rainy, and warm conditions.

Defense Tools

Your security is important no matter which terrain or environment you are in. You might encounter thieves or a wild animal along the way. Therefore you need to carry tools that can be used as weapons (for example, a knife) to come to your defense in case of attacks.

Whenever you decide or plan to travel, maybe for adventure or any other reason, you must plan to carry the above items in your survival pack. You must always have a survival kit on hand as there is no guarantee that everything will be smooth. And it’s best to be prepared for any emergency that may arise. 

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