Gearrific Tactical Backpack Review

Tactical Backpack

This tactical backpack by Gearrific is considered the best survival backpack in this price range. It’s a forty-liter pack that’s compressable and comes equipped with a ton of extra gear that you’ll find yourself relying on in an emergency situation. This is a versatile, lightweight pack that can hold plenty of supplies and can be used as a bug out bag, or for hiking, camping, traveling, and more.

Our Verdict: This pack comes loaded with some great pieces of survival equipment that you can use during an emergency, including a compass, hydration bladder, and several feet of paracord. If you’re on a budget and looking for a model that will keep your gear secure and safe and a pack that can handle life on the road, this model is a great option.

Overview and Features

This pack can expand from twenty-two liters to forty liters and comes with laser cut mole webbing that’s designed to minimize weight, reducing the amount of pressure you’ll feel on your upper back, neck, and shoulders. Overall, this is a great pack if you need more bang for your buck and extra tools and supplies that you can use if you don’t know how to start a fire with nothing.

Built tough and loaded with some great extra pieces of gear that every survivalist will rely on, if you’re on a budget and looking for a bug-out bag that has everything you need, then your search is over.

Gearrific Tactical Backpack

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Tactical Backpack

  • Adjustable straps
  • Lightweight design
  • Hydration bladder
  • Tons of free extra gear
  • Reasonably priced
  • Compressable design


The shoulder straps are adjustable and equipped with heavy-duty closed cell foam for ultimate comfort. Both the waist and sternum straps are removable and designed to improve user comfort while evenly distributing weight.


The pack measures in at twenty-inches tall, fourteen inches wide, and eleven inches deep. If you’re planning on taking your laptop with you when disaster strikes, then you’ll love the fact that this bag comes with a padded and secured laptop sleeve for ultimate protection.

Hydration Bladder

The two and a half liter, built-in hydration bladder comes equipped with an insulated hose designed to keep your water cool and tasting fresh. It also features a twist nozzle for one-handed operation when you’re on the road. The matching hydration hose sleeve is a nice extra and one you won’t commonly find on packs in this price range.


The foldable camping shovel will collapse into a small tight package that you can hang off the side of the pack. It’s made out of one and a half millimeters or carbon steel, so you know it’s built tough.


This pack also comes with seven strand glow in the dark paracord that measures in at twenty-five inches. This type of cord has many uses and is commonly referred to as the duct tape of cords. It’s definitely something you want to keep on hand. The fact that it’s glow in the dark will make it easier to use and find in the at night, especially if you find yourself caught in the wilderness. Additionally, the cord’s five hundred and fifty-pound mil-spec breaking strength is pretty impressive. The seven strand design will allow you to unroll the cord for up to one hundred and seventy-five feet of cord.

Utility Case

This case is made out of heavy-duty plastic and is waterproof. Use this case to keep important personal items secure and dry.


Tactical Backpack

The three hundred and fifty-lumen flashlight features three modes and can be seen for over six hundred feet away. The modes include: strobe, low, and high. The flashlight’s head is zoomable and can instantly turn into a spotlight or floodlight.

Timber Trimmer

This tool is made out of braided stainless steel and comes equipped with a sturdy handle with a swivel connection. It can be used to cut soft metals, rubber, bone, plastic, and wood.


This is an ergonomic, one-handed tourniquet that’s designed with two modes: gradual and instant. It’s designed to stop massive hemorrhaging instantly.

Spark Set

This twelve thousand spark set is windproof, waterproof, and can not only be used to help start a fire, but it’s also designed to function as a bottle opener and a map ruler.

Mylar Blanket

Will help to retain up to ninety percent of body heat and is made out of non-toxic materials. It opens up to four feet wide and seven feet long and can also double as a temporary shelter.

Tactical Pen

This pen is made out of heavy-duty aircraft aluminum and comes with a carbide tip that’s designed to break glass in any type of emergency situation. The pen’s clip can easily attach to your pack or clothing.

Other Extras

Aside from the gear I’ve already gone over, this pack also comes with the following supplies:

  • Compass
  • Survival card
  • Emergency fishing kit
  • Safety whistle

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Lightweight design
  • Heavily padded
  • Breathable design
  • Nylon construction
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with several important pieces of gear


  • Made out of 500D nylon

Gearrific Pack Vs. 5.11 COVRT18 Tactical Covert Military Backpack

The 5.11 Covrt backpack doesn’t come with any extra pieces of gear that you can use in your bug-out bag, but it does feature a more durable design compared to this model by Gearrific. It also features a side energy back up belt system compartment and a roll down assault compartment which can secure a full-sized firearm. It’s made out of 500D nylon, while this model has a 600D rating. Both bags are designed to last, but the competing pack is available at a higher price.

Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

Tactical BackpackThis Gearrific bag may not be the toughest pack on the market, but it comes loaded with some great extras that you’ll definitely need in the event of a natural disaster or another type of emergency. Aside from the free extras, the bag itself comes loaded with storage compartments and pockets and features a lightweight design with heavily padded straps that will help to keep you comfortable during use. I gave this model a rating of four and a half stars out of five.

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