Fire Starters

Fire Starting Survival Basics: Using Your Compass

Fire has been one of the most valuable assets to humans for thousands of years. Unfortunately, some people believe that there will come a time when modern electronic devices that we enjoy, such as smartphones and laptops, will be destroyed by electromagnetic radiation. Only those with crucial survival skills such […]

Using Corn-based Snacks as an Emergency Fire Starter

Fire is one of the most important things that humans need to survive. It provides a source of warmth, lighting, helps in food preparation, and protects against predators at night. You can also use fire to create tools for emergency purposes that can occur at any time. For instance, your […]

strike a fire

Best Fire Starter Ignitors In 2021: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Camping out, especially in inclement weather can be really tough, particularly if you don’t have a way to make a fire in such wet conditions. Using the best fire starter will ensure you enjoy a campfire with the family after a nice day of hiking through the backcountry. These devices […]