Common Mistakes Made by First-Time Gun Buyers

Buying your first gun is always an exciting experience. However, choosing the right gun that suits your needs can be a relatively daunting task. The entire process can be overwhelming because of the many options that are available on the market.

When buying a gun, there are four crucial things you need to consider. They include its purpose, storage, maintenance, and safety. You can consider using Steelwater Gun Safes Standard Duty to store your firearms safely at home.

Unfortunately, most first-time gun buyers usually make costly mistakes that they end up regretting later, mostly because of a lack of experience and not conducting the proper research before buying. Below, we will discuss 5 common mistakes that first-time gun buyers may make.

Picking the Wrong Caliber

One of the common mistakes that first-time gun buyers make is choosing the wrong caliber. Caliber refers to the handgun or rifle bore size and the size of cartridges designed for different bores.

You will experience more recoil, depending on how big and powerful the gun is. Guns with a very high caliber are not recommended for small individuals because the high recoil can lead to accidental discharge or cause injury to the shooter. Additionally, higher caliber rounds usually cost more when compared to guns with low caliber. Therefore, if you purchase a gun with a higher caliber, you must be prepared to spend more on ammunition.

Higher caliber weapons are recommended for individuals who are planning to use the gun for self-defence. However, those planning to use the gun for fun, casual family shooting lessons are advised to buy a gun with a smaller caliber. The ammunition of guns with a larger caliber is costly, meaning you cannot shoot all day unless you have the money to do so.

Paying Too Much

Most first-time gun buyers often think that guns that are sold at a very high price are usually of the best quality. They think that if they don’t buy the most expensive gun, then they won’t have the best experience.

However, that is not always the case. Expensive does not always mean quality. Sometimes you can buy a very expensive weapon, but it ends up not meeting your needs. So, don’t be fooled into believing that the most expensive gun in a particular class will give you the best result.

Instead of considering the gun’s price, you should focus more on its features. Buy a gun that has the features you are looking for. If you know the minimum requirements that your gun should have, you can negotiate to ensure you get the best price.

Some people also think that they will earn more respect from other shooters if they buy the most expensive gun in their class. That is also not true. Buy a weapon that you need, not what you want someone else to see you with. If you purchase a gun that is best for your needs, you will probably get a better deal. On the other hand, if you buy a gun that will impress others, then you may end up paying too much.

Not Being Trained

Another mistake that most first-time gun buyers make is purchasing a weapon before they are trained on how to use it properly and safely. Buying a gun that you don’t know how to use is dangerous, especially if you have a family. A small mistake could be fatal.

For instance, if you have not been trained in using or caring for a gun, you may store it while it’s still loaded. You will also not know how to store it safely when it is not in use, like not turning on the safety switch, for example.

Although everyone has the right to own a gun, it is important to note that owning a weapon comes with a huge responsibility. Before owning a gun, you need to be trained first to know how to handle it in different situations like while in public, when storing it, and most importantly, knowing when to use it. Proper training will help you know how to handle the gun properly, which will help prevent accidents.

Choosing the Wrong Ammo

There are different varieties of ammunition on the market, and each of them has a specific use. Therefore, you need to understand your firearm and know the type of ammunition it needs to get the best results.

Different ammunition is used for different scenarios. For instance, full metal jacket ammo is ideal for target shooting and learning, while hollow-point ammunition is ideal for a defensive weapon. Using the wrong ammunition can cause serious injury to the shooter.

For instance, if a 12 gauge gun is loaded with 20 gauge shells, they will slip past the chamber and lodge in the barrel. This would not only cause gun damage but serious personal injury as well.

To avoid this, you need to use the right ammunition for your gun. Buy the exact gauge or caliber and length of ammo for which the gun was designed. Carry only the correct ammo for the gun you are using, and never mix them. Also, never use old ammunition.

Not Maintaining the Gun

Most new gun owners don’t know how to maintain their firearms. But, just like any other machine, guns need regular maintenance to keep them in good shape. As they say, a clean gun is a safe gun. You must keep your gun clean to guarantee your safety and also prolong its lifespan. You will feel the difference when you shoot with a freshly cleaned gun.

Constant firing usually causes a powder residue and other grime and gasses to build up in the barrel. If they are not removed in a timely manner, they can affect your gun’s performance, meaning your gun will become unpredictable and unreliable. Cleaning the gun regularly will not only help to maintain its accuracy but will also help you learn more about the firearm and how it works. Therefore, before you purchase a firearm, make sure you know how to maintain it.

If you want to get the best firearm for your needs, you need to educate yourself about it. This includes knowing its features, the type of ammunition it uses, and the cost of maintenance. You also need to be trained by a professional to know how to handle and use the firearm correctly.

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