Best Gun Vise: 2024 Buyer’s Guide and Top 4 Choices

best gun vise

Part of being a responsible gun owner is properly maintaining your firearms. This can involve cleaning and lubing your handguns, rifles, and shotguns after each trip to the range, hunting trip, or target practice session. Using the best gun vise, you can clean your guns thoroughly, install and adjust sights, and ensure your guns fire smoothly and accurately, each and every time. A dirty gun is a gun that’s unpredictable and unreliable.

If you’ve spent any time online searching for the best gun vise to add to your gun cleaning arsenal, but you’ve had trouble finding the right model, one that’s compatible with the guns in your collection, or a vise that’s durable and stable, then my buyer’s guide on the top models will help you make an informed decision when it comes time to buy. I’ve put several of the top vises to the test, rating each product on its stability, durability, design, and overall quality. This buyer’s guide and my product recommendations will guarantee you order a vise that will make cleaning and maintaining your guns a safe and efficient process.

ProductMaterialShooting RestTool StorageRating
Tipton Ultra Gun Vise

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Glass Filled Nylon
Tipton Best Gun Vise

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Solvent Resistant
CTK Precision P3
Ultimate Gun Vise

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Hoppe’s Gun Vise

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The first model on my list for the best gun vise is the Ultra Gun Vise by Tipton.

Best Gun Vise Overall-Tipton Ultra Gun Vise

Our Rating: (5/5)

The Tipton Ultra Gun Vise earned 5 stars and landed at the top of my list for a variety of reasons. This vise was designed with versatility in mind and can handle a wide range of gun types. The vise is extremely stiff and comes equipped with a total of four non-slip feet that feature independent adjustability, which lets the user move and adjust the feet depending on work surface type.  The included accessory tray is removable and allows you to store all your gun cleaning tools and supplies, so you can keep everything neatly stored and organized in one place.

This model was clearly designed to stand up to years of general wear and tear. The clamping mechanism consists of ball and socket articulating pads that improve this vise’s versatility, allowing it to work for any type of firearm surface. The rear and front clamps are adjustable, so the user can adjust the clamps to the ideal position for gun cleaning, based on gun type.


  • Allows you to adjust components to the ideal position for fast, efficient cleaning maintenance
  • Securely locks firearm in place
  • Made from high quality material that will stand up to heavy-duty use
  • Secure rest works for most types of weapons


  • Height adjustment is difficult to set


Earning 5 stars, this model is designed to handle the widest possible array of firearms and is made out of material that will withstand rough use. The best gun vise is made out of non-destructive materials including glass filled nylon and a steel tube frame. This model is recommended for the serious gun owner in need of a versatile vise that allows you to securely lock in crossbows, compound bows, muzzle loaders, handguns, sporting rifles, break open shotguns AR, and conventional rifles, for ultimate versatility that will save you some serious cash. With the Tipton, you can use the same vise for your entire gun collection, which is a huge incentive for any customer to buy.

Most Versatile-Tipton Best Gun Vise

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Earning 4.5 stars, the Tipton Best Gun Vise supports a wide range of buttstock configurations and comes equipped with an L-shaped center support that’s designed to handle bolt action rifles, and other types of break open firearms, securely. The vise features quick-release cam blocks that can be independently adjusted based on buttstock type. The Tipton Best Gun Vise has a versatile design that allows gun owners to easily adjust the clamps to handle handguns, magazine rifles, bolt action rifles break open, extendable magazine rifles, break open shotguns, and more. The polymer is solvent-resistant, non-marring and designed to handle years of use. The tool storage compartments will hold small parts, screws, and other types of hardware, so you can keep all of your gear safe and well-organized.


  • Rear base features two adjustable offset clamps
  • Non marring contact surfaces
  • Central aluminum channel lets the user adjust each component independently
  • Supports a range of buttstock configurations
  • Can handle bolt action rifles
  • Grip support features two leg height options


  • Rubber feet slide easily


Tipton’s Best Gun Vise is a must-have for the serious gun collector. It checks all the boxes in terms of adjustability and ease of use. This gun vise is extremely durable, which is exactly what you need if you want a vise for cleaning that can handle all the firearms in your collection. The grip allows you to choose from two leg heights, which can be maneuvered along the T-track for stock support.

The central aluminum channel lets the user move individual components to the perfect position, based on firearm type. Each component adjusts independently for secure support. The rear base features two adjustable offset clamps that are designed to handle a variety of buttstock configurations. According to the manufacturer, this model is able to accommodate any type of stock design, size and style of cheek piece, or cast-off. This is the best gun vise, if you’re searching for a model that’s versatile and highly adjustable.

Beginner-Friendly-CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Earning 4.5 stars, the CTK Precision P3 gun vise is the best gun vise for those new to gun ownership and gun cleaning and general maintenance. This tool can also be used for boresighting and works for a rifle, pistol, and most types of handguns. This model is a great buy if you’re looking for a vise for cleaning a variety of gun types. Customers can choose to also purchase the optional rest which can come in handy in the field or at the range. This gun cleaning vise is made out of heavy-duty steel, complete with an E-coat on the inside and outside of the vise. This is the best gun vise if you’re looking for a model that is easy to assemble and can be put to work right out of the box.


  • Easily configurable to handle pistols and rifles
  • Clamps for a tight secure fit
  • Easy to position for secure support
  • Can be used for a wide range of stock types
  • Gives user more individual adjustment options
  • Solvent resistant polymer stands up to heavy-duty use


  • Difficult assembly


This model is easily configurable to handle a rifle, pistol, and most types of handguns. This vise comes with thumb locks and a three point leveling system that work together to improve the vise’s stability. The wide telescoping front Y rest can be adjusted vertically to accommodate all types of pistols, rifles, and firearms. Additionally, the front Y rest and the rear rest are covered in a closed cell PVC foam that’s designed to improve the vise’s longevity and durability. This tool is easy to adjust and is compatible with most types of firearms, which is what makes it one of CTK’s biggest sellers.

Best Value-Hoppe’s Gun Vise

Our Rating: (4/5)

This model earned 4 out of 5 stars, for its reputation for durability and adjustability. This is best gun vise for the gun enthusiast in search of a model that can withstand years of hard use. The quality of the vise comes as no surprise, considering it’s made by a manufacturer that has a reputation for producing innovative gun cleaning tools that make the process fast and easy.  Hoppe is one of those big name brands that most gun enthusiast’s are familiar with. The vise features dual lockable sides that provide a no-scratch, secure hold. These dual locking sides will secure both ends or either end when gunsmithing. Each locking side is equipped with a rubber contact point, which prevents damage, such as scratches, on the surface of a firearm, so you can easily and securely lock the components to the ideal position. The gun cleaning vise also comes with a tool compartment you can use to store all of your cleaning supplies, tools, and more. The vise is made out of heavy-duty chemical-resistant polymer. The polymer stands up to the harshest chemicals, easily. This vise is that tough. Most gun owners will read that this model is made out of plastic and immediately think it’s not durable or able to handle heavy-duty use, but nothing could be further from the truth. While the vise is made out of plastic, the plastic is thick and durable, able to easily handle regular use. Additionally, the lightweight material allows you to transport this vise to the range, or take it with you on your next hunting trip.


  • Stands up to years of use
  • High quality solvent resistant material
  • Designed to accommodate all types of firearms
  • Can adjust the position for secure stock support
  • Clamps for a tight, secure fit
  • Can withstand years of hard use
  • Made out of solvent resistant polymer


  • Made out of plastic


This versatile model may have earned 4 stars for it’s plastic design, but it’s definitely the best gun vise for buyer’s on a budget or gun enthusiasts who want a model that’s portable and easy to use. This is a great vise for gun cleaning maintenance or gunsmithing. The vise is also extremely stiff, with an adjustable design for maximum versatility. This means you can use this vise for your entire firearm collection. The durable, basic design is perfect for gunsmithing and is easily the best choice for gun owners who own a larger collection.  If you need a vise for your rifle, pistol, or handgun, this model is a steal for the price.

Gun Vises Buyer’s Guide

The best gun vise will allow you to place your firearm in the perfect position for a more efficient cleaning process. It should also be very versatile and able to accommodate the widest possible variety of buttstock configurations. A vise with a tight grip ensures the vise is able to keep your firearm securely in place during general gun maintenance.

gun vise kit

As you can see, there are many factors you will need to consider before you buy a new gun vise for cleaning. The model you choose will depend on the types of firearms you own and the general gun maintenance you perform.

If you have action rifles break open, you’ll need a vise that’s capable of handling bolt action rifles break. Handgun owners won’t need a model that’s as adjustable, but they will still need to search for a vise that has a reputation for its durability and tight grip. If you have both rifles and handguns, then you’ll need a model that is able to provide a secure grip on a wide range of buttstock types. Basically, you need a gun vise that’s compatible with a wide range of gun types and capable of keeping them stable without damaging the finish.

Searching for Quality

Finding the right gun vise for your firearm collection can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for a model that can handle cleaning, related maintenance, and a variety of stock types. Here, I’ve made sure to include models that allow you to adjust the rear and front clamps to the ideal position, so you can clean and maintain your AR 15 and handgun, using the same vise, for an improved shooting experience. A responsible gun owner knows how crucial it is to maintain a firearm, which is why tools, such as the Tipton Ultra gun vise is essential for a faster, easier, and more efficient gun cleaning process.

Durable Design & Ultimate Protection

Most modern gun vises make sure that every contact surface is rubberized and non-marring. Some are made of plastic all around and some feature an all-steel construction.

Without a proper gun vise, a gun owner would have to resort to holding the weapon on their lap while taking apart their gun. A top-of-the-line vise will feature a durable design, with moving components that are made to withstand heavy-duty use. However, these vises should also come equipped with protected surfaces that will prevent the clamps from damaging a gun’s finish.


Do you need a gun vise that you can clamp onto your workbench, or a stable model you can place on the kitchen table? Or do you need a model that’s portable and designed for use out in the field or at the range so you can quickly clean your go-to rifle or handgun when you’re not at home? There are many options available, with some more portable than others. If you’re looking for a vise that’s highly portable so you can clean your rifle or handgun when you’re on the go, keep in mind, portability is often a tradeoff for stability.

Additionally, models that are designed with portability in mind are often made out of mainly plastic, so you’ll also be sacrificing some durability as well.

However, you don’t exactly want to take a ten to twenty-pound vise with you when you’re heading out for some target practice in the field.


From cleaning, lubing, bore-sighting, to scope and part installation and shooting, a gun vise should be a staple in any gun owner’s repertoire of tools. And like all tools, the best gun vise should be able to perform efficiently, without breaking. If you shoot often, you know that a handgun or rifle can get gunky quickly due to carbon fouling, gunpowder residue, dirt, debris, and moisture. Gun vises make cleaning and fixing broken parts such as a busted spring or a jammed round, fast and easy.

Intended Use

Having the right gun vise for your rifle, pistol, or handgun is an important part of being a gun owner. Not every gun owner will have the same cleaning and maintenance needs. A gun vise is used to help maintain your firearm properly, which, in turn, will lengthen the firearm’s lifespan. The same should be said for the vise that facilitates that longevity.

Part Catcher/Organizer

gun vise on a table

Many gun vise models out there have accessories to catch fallen parts and to hold parts while working on your gun. These part catchers may be just a simple magnetic strip, or small storage compartments built right in.

Firearm Compatibility

Some gun vises are made only compatible with rifles, although, these days many manufacturers that produce the best gun vise for the serious collector will have models that can provide a solid grip on a wide range of gun types, including pistols, action rifles break, and break open designs like the AR 15. Many of the leading vises are configurable to handle bolt firearms, so you can adjust the vise’s clamps to the ideal position for cleaning, while ensuring your firearm remains securely in place. The length of a gun vise can oftentimes be adjusted for long guns or shorter shotguns.  Higher end gun vises usually offer a rotating design that will add to the tool’s versatility and allows you to rotate the gun while cleaning, lubing, installing new parts, or gunsmithing. The rotation mechanism can be useful for someone with limited bench space or gun owners who may not have room to move around.


The best gun vise will be versatile and can help you carry out many types of tasks related to gun maintenance. Many gun owners own multiple firearms, such as an AR15, action rifles break open rifles, pistols, and handguns. Even if you only own one gun at the moment, take time to think about what guns you may purchase in the future so you can find the best gun vise for your growing collection.


While most gun vises are bolted to a workbench for improved stability, many gun owners will also use the best gun vise to sight their weapon and as a shooting rest. This kind of vise usually comes with a higher price tag because it will come equipped with additional components that are able to absorb the impact when firing a gun.

Materials: Steel Vs. Plastic

When shopping for the best gun vise, stability will be one of the most important factors that will help you determine which type of vise is right for your and your firearm collection. A sturdy gun vise allows the user to work on their projects with almost any amount of force without the weapon falling off its perch and potentially getting damaged. The best gun vise will feature a durable design, with materials that can handle heavy-duty use. You’ll come across glass filled nylon, polymer, and steel vises. You’ll also notice that some of the best gun vises are made out of a combination of materials, such as plastic and steel. Obviously all-metal designs will be sturdier than their plastic counterparts, however, polymer material can hold up to a lot of abuse.


The gun vise can be heavy and stable, but if it doesn’t grip a firearm properly it might as well be a paperweight. A versatile gun vise design will come equipped with rubber pads to protect the finish of your firearm from the powerful grip of the vise. A solt, protected grip is important when working on projects that require a little force like cleaning and installing new parts. A model that’s versatile will give the user move individual clamps on the front and rear of the vise, so it can be adjusted based on firearm type.

Ease of Use

Many gun vises use screws or knobs and levers to adjust the clamps to the correct position for secure support, based on firearm type. Some models can be difficult to adjust and may not be as versatile as the manufacturer claims it is. You may find vises that are designed to be configurable to handle bolt rifles, but the same vise can be difficult to readjust to suit a handgun. A vise should be easy to use, with clear instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Gun Vises That Didn’t Make on My List

There are many competing products on the market these days, with a wide range of gun vises to choose from. Tipton is one of the top brands in the game, although Lyman, another major manufacturer, has produced some popular models, such as the Lyman Revolution. The Lyman Revolution didn’t make it onto my top four list of the best gun vises since the product was discontinued for unknown reasons. It earned an average 4 star rating, but had issues in terms of ease of use. However, the vise did have a solid reputation for its design and the high-quality materials used. I made sure the vises on my top four list checked all the boxes in terms of durability, ease of use, versatility, and overall quality.

Read Gun Vise Reviews

man with his gun vise

If you’re looking for the ultimate gun vise, but you’re not sure a particular model has what it takes, reading gun vise reviews can be the best way to get an in-depth look at how a vise performs, from a customer who has real-life experience using it. A customer review will often include the pros and cons of each particular model. You’ll find out how versatile and durable a vise is, in addition to how easy or difficult it is to use. If you’re new to gun ownership, then taking the time to read reviews will give you the best chance of finding a solid gun vise that offers the type of ultimate versatility and stability you need when you’re cleaning guns or installing scopes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Gun Vise?

Using the best gun vise is not totally necessary for gun maintenance, however, when you don’t use one, you will run the risk of losing small parts or damaging your firearm if it falls off your lap.

Can I use a Gun Vise as a Shooting Support?

The only time someone should use a gun vise as a shooting rest is if the gun vise was intentionally designed to function as one. Firing a weapon from a gun vise can lead to damage to equipment or harm to the user or bystanders.

Will a Gun Vise Hold My Long Gun and My Pistol?

There are many gun vises that will hold long rifles, shotguns, and pistols. However there are some gun vises that can only hold one style of firearm,

Final Thoughts

The best gun vise can be a total game changer, especially if you spend a significant amount of time dedicated to cleaning and maintaining your firearms or installing sights. As a responsible gun owner, you need this type of tool to streamline your gun cleaning process, so you can carefully maintain your entire gun collection. With my list of the top four gun vises on the market, you should have no trouble finding the best gun vise for your gun collection, based on gun type, cleaning and maintenance needs, and your budget.

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