Best Gun Cleaning Stand for Rifles & Pistols: 2024 Buyer’s Guide

gun cleaning vise

The best gun cleaning stand will be indispensable and it’s a must-have piece of gear that every gun enthusiast should keep in their gun cleaning kit. Regardless of whether you’re cleaning your firearm or working on it, a stand will make the entire process much easier. While some gun owners opt to do without one, if you’re planning on working on your firearm, a gun stand is worth every penny.

But since there are so many different options available these days, finding the right model can be tricky. If you want a stand that’s durable, sturdy, and does the job when it comes to keeping your pistol or rifle stable when you’re deep cleaning it or making adjustments, then you need a stand that’s top of the line. Because of this, I decided to create this buyer’s guide, which lists all of the features you’ll need to look for that can indicate the stand is built tough and one that’s safe to use and designed to last. I’ve also tested out some of the best-selling models, narrowing it down to four that have what it takes and scored high in a variety of areas. Below, you’ll find a buyer’s guide, which lists each of the models that landed on my list, their score, and other important information.

Gun Cleaning Stand Comparison Chart

Tipton Standing
Ultra Gun Vise

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FreestandingAll Types5" H x 54" W
x 30" D
Tipton Best Gun Vise
for Cleaning

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RotatingAll Types32"L X 8' W
MTM Portable Rifle/Shotgun
Gun Cleaning Center

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Ultimate Gun Vise

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RotatingAll Types24.25 x 6.25
x 4.5 inches

Best Gun Cleaning Stand for Rifles-Tipton Standing Ultra Gun Vise

Our Rating: (5/5)

This gun stand measures in at thirty-five inches tall, fifty-four-inches wide, and thirty-inches deep. It weighs around twenty pounds and features a portable design that allows you to work on your shotguns or rifles out in the field. This model features clamps that are non-marring and made out of glass-filled nylon. It also comes with tool trays that are removable, so you can adjust and customize your setup, depending on the type and model of firearm you’re working on. The taller height of the stand makes working on or cleaning your firearm in the field comfortable. The stand’s four-leg system also eliminates the need for a workbench or table, so you can clean your firearms, pretty much anywhere.


  • Stand is equipped with a bottle opener
  • Articulating clamp pads allow the vise to adapt easily to the surface of the firearm
  • Removable accessory tray
  • Portable
  • No need for a table or workbench


  • Price


This standing Ultra gun vise by Tipton allows you to efficiently clean and work on your firearm, wherever you are. The innovative design allows you to use the stand for almost any type of firearm or crossbow and does an excellent job of keeping the weapon securely in place, offering the type of stable base you need to get the job done. While the price is a little steep, gun enthusiasts who have an extensive collection will appreciate how versatile and durable this model truly is.

Best Gun Cleaning Stand for Handguns-Tipton Best Gun Vise for Cleaning

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The stand’s L-shaped center support is designed to easily and securely hold break open firearms. The included quick-release cam block rotates independently to accommodate most stock shapes. The stand is very versatile and designed for handguns, extendable magazine rifles, break-open shotguns, and bolt-action rifles. The stand is covered in a solvent-resistant polymer that can handle plenty of use and is easy to clean. The round and flat bottom compartments will store all of your cleaning supplies, so it’s neatly organized and easily accessible. The two offset clamping mechanisms located on the rear of the stand provide a tight and secure grip and will work for a wide variety of buttstocks.


  • Works for all types of firearms
  • Includes two offset clamps
  • Storage compartments for cleaning supplies
  • Solvent-resistant surface


  • Made mainly out of plastic


This model is very versatile and adaptable, allowing the gun owner to achieve a custom fit as they work or clean a wide variety of firearms. The non-marring contact surface is also solvent resistant and designed for heavy-duty use. Easy to use and highly portable, this gun cleaning stand is a must-have for the avid gun collector in need of a model that’s durable and reliable.

Best Budget-Friendly Cleaning Stand-MTM Portable Rifle/Shotgun Gun Cleaning Center

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This stand is perfect for cleaning and maintaining shotguns and rifles. The stand is pretty basic in design and comes equipped with non-marring cleaning forks that are padded with soft rubber and designed to hold the firearm securely in place. The stand features rigid and durable polymer construction, so the surface will not absorb cleaning solvents or lubricants. The highly portable design will allow you to take the stand to the shooting range for easy cleaning of shotguns, muzzleloaders, and rifles.


  • Lightweight
  • Specifically designed for rifles and shotguns
  • Includes two storage compartments
  • Made from durable polymer
  • Padded cleaning forks are removable


  • Storage compartments are very small


This model is portable, convenient, and easy to use. It features a couple of padded forks that will pop out of the stand and can be stored inside the base, for easier transport and storage, and another storage compartment that you can use for all of your cleaning supplies. While the stand may seem very basic in design, it gets the job done and it’s a great model to have if you’re looking for a cleaning stand that’s highly portable and designed specifically for shotguns and rifles.

Most Versatile-CTK PRECISION P3 Ultimate Gun Vise

Our Rating: (4/5)

This stand can be used for shotguns, rifles, and handguns. It’s very versatile and can be used for bore sighting, cleaning, and general maintenance. The included optional rest attachment will convert this cleaning stand into a shooting rest, in a matter of seconds, so it’s a great model to take with you on your hunting trips, out for practice, or when you’re on vacation.


  • Y-rest is covered in PVC closed cell foam
  • Attachment turns the cleaning stand into a rest
  • Telescoping design
  • Includes three-point leveling system


  • Can be very difficult to adjust


This versatile cleaning stand offers plenty of value, if you’re someone who finds themselves using a gun rest often. This model is also equipped with a three-point leveling system as well as thumb locks that help to improve stability. The rear vise features a telescoping design so you can adjust it based on the type of firearm you’re working on. Both the front Y rest and the rear vise are covered with a type of high-quality closed cell foam made out of PVC for improved durability. Basically, this model has a lot to offer the gun enthusiast with a large collection. However, this model can be very tricky to adjust, so it’s definitely not the most beginner friendly model on the market.

Gun Cleaning Stand Buyer’s Guide

Like any type of product, you’ll come across on the market, you’ll find gun stands that are pretty basic, and others that are loaded with plenty of bells and whistles. While some of these higher priced models are definitely worth it, others come loaded with features you won’t really need and lack in quality, where it counts.

What is a Gun Cleaning Stand Exactly?

gun cleaning stand

A gun cleaning stand is a type of stand that’s used for fixing or securing your firearm while you clean it. These stands were developed from the traditional bench vise and will make cleaning your firearms significantly easier by allowing you to work on them more efficiently and faster.

When you use a stand to clean your pistol or rifle, you won’t have to worry about scratching any of the sensitive spots on the gun’s surface. In fact, these stands are specially designed with padding and soft corners that will better protect a firearm as it’s cleaned, so the cleaning process will go smoothly.

Benefits of a Gun Cleaning Stand

  • A top of the line cleaning stand offers several benefits, not the least of which is a faster and easier cleaning process. Most gun enthusiasts know that thoroughly cleaning a firearm adds to the weapon’s longevity and protects their investment. A gun stand will allow you to regularly clean your firearm, properly, with all of the parts lined up.
  • Having your firearms cleaned professionally can cost big over time, depending on the size of your gun collection.
  • Cleaning a firearm without a stand can be more time consuming, especially if you’re new to gun ownership and you’ve never cleaned a firearm before, or you’re trying to install a sight without using one. A stand will give you a stable secure space to work on your firearm, safely and quickly.
  • A stand provides security and stability. While it’s possible to clean your firearm without one, the process is made much more difficult. Not only does a stand offer the best stability and security as you maintain and clean your gun, but it also frees up both of your hands without restraint, instead of having one hand that has to hold onto the firearm to keep it upright.
  • A stand can be found almost anywhere they sell firearms, although you can find the best deals online, where you’ll pay only a fraction of the cost that you would for the same stand sold in stores.

Must-Have Features

These stands are designed to streamline the cleaning process by holding and securing your firearms for you. But not all stands are created equal. Investing in a top of the line model can be the difference between a gun that’s properly cleaned and one that has a marred and scarred finish.

Because of this, I’ve put together a list of the most important factors you will need to consider when you’re shopping around for a new stand.

Below, I’ll start off this buyer’s guide by discussing clamping mechanisms and why they’re so important.

Clamping Mechanisms

The fact that you need a stand with a good clamping mechanism is probably a no brainer. It’s one of the most important parts of a stand and it must be rock solid, so there’s no risk of your firearm falling off your workstation when you’re installing a scope or working on it.

A good clamp will be made out of metal and many are, but you’ll also come across stands that are equipped with polymer clamps. These clamps are also pretty sturdy, but nowhere near as sturdy as clamps that are made out of metal.


While a strong clamp is important, even the best clamp will be worthless is the stand’s frame is flimsy. You’ll come across both metal or polymer bases. As long as the base itself feels solid to you, then a model that’s made out of tough polymer should work fine. The frame’s platform should be metal. Even if the parts on top of the frame are made out of plastic, you still want to be working with a solid base.


Every gun owner knows that firearms come in a range of shapes and sizes. For this reason, the right stand should offer major adjustability, so you can easily secure your firearm when you’re installing a scope or cleaning it. Clamping a firearm in the wrong location when you’re cleaning your gun can get in your way, or it can provide an unstable clamping location. Having the vise on slides will help the user get their firearm into the right spots. It will also make the cleaning session much easier.


The contact surfaces will most likely become coated with solvent as you work. A good stand will have a surface that’s made of closed cell foam, which will resist breaking down over time. Certain gun oils can react poorly with the wrong materials, and you definitely want to protect your investment.

Maintenance Center

Many gun enthusiasts aren’t as organized as they’d like to be. The right stand will have a built-in maintenance center that can help with organization. These maintenance centers feature different types of compartments that can house different items from a gun cleaning kit. Whether you’re cleaning with solvents, brushes, gun mops, or rods, a good stand will have some type of built-in storage that will allow you to easily organize all of your supplies.

Gun Cleaning Stands Designed for Rifles

These stands are specifically designed to accommodate rifles and they make holding a rifle securely in place much easier. Stabilizing a rifle will not only make the job easier, but it will also allow you to do the job perfectly, providing you with the best result. Because of this, investing in a stand that’s specifically designed for rifles should be your top priority, if you want to get your firearm as clean as possible.

A good stand for sighting will hold your rifle securely as you’re performing maintenance. Like a stand designed for pistols, these stands should also come equipped with a built-in maintenance center so you can neatly organize all of your gear.

Other Types of Gun Cleaning Stands

best gun vise

When you’re shopping for a new stand for maintenance, cleaning, and gunsmithing, it’s important that you check out the different styles available and choose one that will work for your specific firearm or firearms.

There are a couple of basic types to choose from: rotating and fixed.

While a rotating stand is very helpful when you’re cleaning a firearm, a fixed model is the most commonly used type for sighting purposes and offers a steady position.

Keep in mind, both types are meant for different purposes.

If you have a rather large collection of firearms, then you’ll need a model that’s very versatile. Fortunately, many of the leading models are very adjustable, so you can easily clean a wide variety of firearms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gun Vise Used for?

A gun vise is ideal for gunsmithing and cleaning. It comes with a rubberized set of jaws and a cradle that will protect your firearm and comes with quick release cam action for fast access, in addition to plenty of storage space for all of your gun cleaning supplies.

Why is Keeping a Gun Clean Important?

It’s crucial that you keep your collection of firearms clean. Multiple firings will cause powder residue and gasses and grime to build up on the barrel and in the action. Over a period of several weeks or months, depending on how often you shoot your firearm, it can become unreliable and potentially dangerous to use.

Do You Have to Clean a Gun if You Don’t Shoot it?

If you’re not shooting your firearm and you primarily keep it for self-defense then the gun should be cleaned a few times a year and should be stored in a silicone gun sock. These socks keep dust off the gun and prevent it from rusting due to exposure to moisture.

What Makes a Gun More Accurate?

Varying velocity and pressure from shot to shot. For a rifle, a model that’s more accurate will have an end that’s square to the bore. When the bullet leaves the barrel, it will allow gasses to evenly escape around the base of a bullet.

Should You Oil the Inside of a Gun Barrel?

Don’t lubricate the bore using any type of gun oil. The bore can be treated with a heavier type of lubricant for long term storage only. This lubricant must be removed by cleaning the barrel before you shoot. Clean the feed ramp, barrel lug, barrel hood, and the barrel itself.

Final Thoughts

The best gun cleaning stand will hold your pistol or rifle securely, as you clean and maintain your firearm or use the stand to install a scope. The stands that I’ve included in my list of the top products on the market each earned a high rating in a variety of areas including adjustability, clamp quality, ease of use, and overall quality. This guide and my list of products will help to point you in the right direction, so you can find a stand that’s durable, versatile, and adjustable, and one that won’t damage your firearms during use.

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