Best Biometric Gun Safe: A Complete 2024 Buyers’ Guide

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Using a biometric safe can be the best way to keep your firearms, cash, jewelry, and other valuables safe and secure. But considering how the market is now flooded with this type of safe, finding the best biometric gun safe is going to take some research.

That’s where I come in. I’ve tested out many of the biggest sellers, made by popular brands. I’ve narrowed it down to six that have what it takes to keep all of your handguns and other valuables secure in the event of a break-in, fire, or flood.

I’ve also put this buyer’s guide together, to educate my visitors on the different styles, features, and options available, so you can choose a safe that offers the level of protection you need to keep your firearms out of the hands of intruders.

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Below, I’ve put together a comparison chart, which lists each of the gun safes, top features, and other important information.

Biometric Gun Safe Comparison Chart

ProductsSizeFingerprint StorageGun CapacityRating
VAULTEK VT20i Biometric
Smart Gun Safe

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11.5 x 9” x
2.6 Inches
BARSKA Biometric Safe

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16.5 x 14.5 x
7.75 inches
SentrySafe QAP1BE
Gun Safe

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9.9 x 12.1 x
3.2 inches
RPNB Gun Security Safe

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11.02 x 9.84 x
8.07 inches
Awesafe Gun Safe

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Moutec Biometric
Gun Safe

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9.45 x 6.5 x
1.97 inches

Best Biometric Gun Safe-VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Bluetooth Smart Gun Safe

Our Rating: (5/5)

The Vaultek VT20i biometric gun safe features a compact design that can store up to one firearm, and other small items, such as ammo, cash, or a passport. The safe is highly portable, so you can keep it in your vehicle, take it with you on vacation, or store it in a secure location in the home. The Vaultek VT20I biometric handgun safe is made out of tough 16-gauge carbon steel construction that has a powder coated finish for extra durability and corrosion prevention. The safe is also equipped with anti-impact latches, pry bars, interior hinges and a solid door construction that will prevent intruders from getting their hands on your handgun and other valuables.

This biometric gun safe can store up to 20 unique fingerprints, so you can give family members access to the safe as well. The Vaultek VT20I biometric handgun safe uses smart technology to open and manage your safe. Now you can keep an eye on the safe’s battery life and receive alerts if an unauthorized user is trying to enter the safe. To use, you’ll download the Vaultek app on your smartphone and turn your Bluetooth on to maintain safe function.


  • Can store up to 20 unique fingerprints
  • You can provide family members with safe access
  • Uses Bluetooth Smart Technology
  • Included dedicated app
  • Carbon steel construction
  • LED lighting
  • Lithium ion battery


  • App requires you to pair every time you use it


The VT20I biometric handgun safe uses advanced biometric technology for ultimate protection. This model runs on a lithium ion battery, which provides a longer than average battery life. Additionally, the batteries can be charged in as little as 2.5 hours, so you can charge the safe up before you take it with you on your next vacation. This model also comes with LED lighting, which allows you to clearly see the contents of the safe, a feature that will come in handy when you’re trying to open the safe in an emergency. This model meets TSA airline firearm guidelines, so it’s perfect for air travel, while the safe’s advanced technology takes security to a whole new level.

Strong Steel Construction-BARSKA Biometric Safe
Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This Barska biometric safe offers one of the most advanced fingerprint scanners in my line up, with the ability to store up to 120 prints. It also comes with an optional silent mode, which allows you to silently enter your safe without alerting an intruder of your presence. This model’s solid construction includes two built-in pry resistant steel biometric locks and tamper-resistant edges. Use this safe to store your guns, valuables, prescription medication, jewelry, and important documents.

For added security and protection, this model can easily be mounted inside a nightstand, cabinet, or closet, using the pre drilled holes. The safe is powered by 4 AA batteries that have a long battery life of one year, or up to 10,000 scans.


  • Biometric fingerprint scanner has large storage capacity
  • LED light
  • Powerful locking system
  • LCD screen
  • Pre drilled holes for anchoring


  • Fingerprint sensor pad is not large enough for thumbprint use

If you’re looking for a compact gun safe that offers enough storage space for two firearms and small valuables, this model by Barska delivers. It also comes loaded with some great features that make this one of the best biometric safes on the market.

This model uses advanced biometric technology for a fast access time of 2.5 seconds. This model offers top of the line steel construction, a biometric fingerprint scanner with a high storage capacity, and a fast and silent operation that allows you to quickly access the safe.

Best Pistol Gun Safe-SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe
Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The best biometric gun safe will provide top of the line storage security for your firearms. This model by SentrySafe is a top-selling pistol safe that comes with a fingerprint scanner for advanced protection. This safe comes equipped with gas struts that allow you to quickly and quietly access the contents of the safe, without alerting an intruder to your actions. This pistol safe is made out of solid steel and comes complete with a pry-resistant, solid steel door. In the event the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work, you can enter the safe using one of the two backup entry methods; keypad or override key. The fingerprint scanner itself requires 4 alkaline AA batteries and can store up to two prints.

This model is very small and has a one handgun capacity. The safe’s size and dimensions allow you to easily conceal it. Additionally, this gun safe weighs just 12 pounds, making it highly portable.


  • Quick access
  • Holds one firearm
  • Pry resistant door
  • Long battery life
  • Uses 4 AA batteries


  • Can only store two fingerprints
  • Vulnerable to theft


This SentrySafe biometric gun safe uses advanced entry method technology to open the safe. The scanner stores up to two fingerprints and is battery-operated. Because of the size of the pistol safe, you’ll need to be careful concerning where you place it and how it’s concealed, since the lightweight design makes the safe vulnerable to theft. If you’re looking for a portable safe you can use in your vehicle, or one you can stash in a nightstand drawer, this model by SentrySafe is a great option and one that offers the type of durability and security that all gun owners are looking for.

Budget Friendly Biometric Pistol Safe-RPNB Gun Security Safe

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This safe is made with a rugged steel design that provides long-lasting strength, for ultimate gun safety protection. The three-point entry system includes a fingerprint scanner, keypad, and access keys. This pistol safe offers a high capacity that can store multiple handguns. The durable dual layer steel construction, with the pry-resistant door, combined with the welded pry-proof design ensures no one without authorization will have access to your firearms and valuables. This model comes with two manual keys, a firearm safety device, and a couple of anchor bolts that you can use to mount the pistol safe to the floor, inside a drawer, or another secure out of sight location.


  • Pre drilled mounting holes
  • Manufacturer offers 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 3-point entry
  • Quick access
  • Durable accurate locking system


  • Program button is hard to access
  • Stores only one fingerprint


This is a high capacity safe that provides quick access to your firearm and valuables. The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty, so buyers can rest assured that the manufacturer stands behind its products. Built tough and the perfect biometric safe for your home, this model is also reasonably priced and comes with all the hardware you need in a home security pistol safe you can rely on.

Best Biometric Gun Safe for Travel-Awesafe Gun Safe

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This biometric fingerprint safe has a two handgun capacity, or you can use it for one large pistol and store any extra ammo or small valuables. To gain access, you can use the fingerprint scanner or the digital keypad. The gun owner will appreciate the biometric gun safe’s solid steel construction, LED light, and high-strength lock. The addition of a gas strut will allow the gun owner to silently access the contents of the safe, without alerting intruders. The portable design makes the safe a great choice for air travel, road trips, or general car use.


  • Pry resistant door
  • 1-year factory warranty
  • Can store up to 30 fingerprints
  • Perfect storage for small items
  • Easy to use finger scanner


  • LED light is very dim


This biometric gun safe by Awesafe features an advanced locking system that makes opening the safe fast and simple. The built-in lighting will illuminate the interior, so you can quickly grab what you need during an emergency. The scanner can store up to 30 fingerprints, so you can give other people in the home access to the content of the safe. While the portable design can make the safe more vulnerable to an intruder, should they find it, its portability also makes the safe suitable for car use and air travel.

Multiple Access Options-Moutec Biometric Gun Safe

Our Rating: (4/5)

These portable biometric gun safes are perfect for travel, car use, and offer quick access. The gun safe is made out of 16-gauge heavy-duty steel and includes a fingerprint scanner, pass key, and keypad, so you’ll have three ways to open the safe in an emergency. Gun owners will love the four layers of protective foam in the interior, which protects firearms from dings,scratches and other types of damage to the finish. For theft prevention, the biometric gun safe comes with a heavy steel cable that can be used to secure it on the inside of a drawer, in the closet, or inside a dresser drawer.


  • Silent mode entry
  • Backlit keypad
  • Includes steel cable
  • 3 methods to open the safe
  • 2 handgun capacity
  • Offers quick access


  • Mounting hardware isn’t very durable


Considered one of the best biometric gun safes currently on the market, this handgun safe comes with some nice extras, such as a backlit keypad, three access options, built-in hinges, and an internal safety bracket that provides ultimate protection against break ins. For added protection, the safe also has a durable powder coating finish that will prevent rust. The biometric gun safe features dual-layer steel housing and a pry-proof design that will make it a welcome addition for the buyer on a tight budget looking for a safe biometric model that offers a more secure design.

Biometric Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide

Unlike a keypad safe, biometric gun safes use fingerprint readers to give users access to the safe. Over the past several years, this type of technology has risen in popularity, making the biometric gun safe the go-to choice for the serious gun collector. Because these biometric gun safes rely on fingerprints to access the contents of the safe, many don’t feature mechanical locks that require entering a numeric code and turning a dial. You will come across many models that come with a pass key, in the event the fingerprint reader isn’t responding to your fingerprints, or for those times the battery dies and you have no other way to access the contents of a safe.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Biometric Safe

  • The biggest advantage this type of gun safe offers is fast access. You won’t have to remember a code, or search for a key. These handgun safes are designed with fast entry in mind. Simply press the pad of your finger to the scanner, pull the handle and you’re in.
  • The gun safe can also be used by multiple people in the home.
  • With a dial or keypad entry system, parents still have to worry about the kids guessing their code and entering their safe. A biometric safe eliminates this possibility.

So, what are the drawbacks of biometric home safes?

  • Even the best biometric gun safe isn’t perfect. Every type of gun safe has its drawbacks. For the biometric, you’ll have to worry about the finger scanner failing or not registering your fingerprints. This can result in multiple attempts to enter the safe with no success. Because of this, it’s recommended that you take multiple prints of the same finger, at different angles, to ensure the scanner can read your prints.
  • Additionally, this type of safe needs power to open, so you may get locked out of your gun safe if you’ve put off changing the batteries.
  • Another major problem with a fingerprint gun safe is false scans. This happens when someone who does not have their fingerprints registered with the scanner is able to enter the safe. Fortunately, with modern gun safes, a false scan isn’t a common problem, but it’s an issue you can run into with low quality models.
  • The best biometric gun safe can also be pretty pricey, which can be a drawback for some potential buyers. However, a gun safe is definitely not something you want to bargain shop for. If you’re looking for the best, be prepared to pay more.

Other Must-Have Features

biometric gun safe

With the right model, you’ll have a safe that’s dependable and tough enough to prevent anyone from illegally accessing your firearm and valuables. But before you run out and buy one of the top models, it’s crucial that you learn more about biometric technology and what features to look for in a safe you know you can rely on.

Fingerprint Recognition

This technology allows the safe owner to use their fingerprint to open the safe. Some models can store dozens of fingerprints, while others are more limited.

Multiple User Access

The best biometric gun safes give you the ability to store several fingerprints which can come in handy if more than one person in the home wants access to the safe. If someone who does not have their fingerprints registered with the fingerprint reader tries to enter the safe, some will lock down after multiple unsuccessful tries. This will alert the safe owner that an unauthorized person is trying to enter the safe.

Anchors & Bolts

Regardless of how big or small a biometric gun safe is, you need a model you can bolt to the floor or a wall. Why? Because a safe that’s not secured in this manner can be removed. Imagine an intruder breaks in and finds your safe. If the safe isn’t bolted down, it’s possible for the intruder to pick up the safe and take off. While it’s still possible to do this if the safe is bolted, most intruders won’t take the time or bring the tools needed to remove the hardware. Bolting your biometric gun safe to a wall, drawer, or the floor adds another level of security and prevents a thief from taking off with your safe so they can spend more time cracking it elsewhere.

Size of Gun Safes

When you talk to most gun enthusiasts about safe size, they’re going to tell you the same thing I am; it’s better to get a safe that’s too big than one that’s too small. Always buy a bigger safe than you need.

Do you plan to purchase more firearms at some point? Buying a larger safe than what you need at this time can ensure you have the space to accommodate new firearms. If you purchase a safe that’s just large enough to handle your current gun collection, then you can anticipate needing to upgrade your safe at some point.

Additionally, many people end up storing a wide range of possessions and small items in their new safe, including documents, thumb drives, jewelry, and other expensive possessions that must be protected in the event of a break-in.

With a larger safe, you’ll have more than enough room to keep your firearms, small items, and other possessions out of the hands of intruders.

If you only own a couple of handguns and have no plans on purchasing more later on, you should still purchase a safe that offers a little more storage space.

Keep in mind, if you’re viewing a model’s dimensions, these specs may not clearly indicate just how much storage space is available.

Other Access Options

As I mentioned earlier, this type of gun safe uses fingerprint readers for quick access to the contents. However, some include additional access options, in the event the fingerprint scanner fails or malfunctions.

Most handgun safes will come with a backup key or two and a biometric lock that you can use to manually override the scanner. You’ll also come across some models that also come equipped with a keypad.  Having these types of alternative entry methods is smart and can save your life if the scanner is on the fritz, or the scanner’s batteries are dead.

Material Thickness

The thicker the materials are, the tougher the safe will be. Most models are made out of steel. So, instead of material type, you’ll want to pay attention to what gauge steel the gun safe is made out of. A lower gauge equals tougher material. For example, 6-gauge steel is tougher than 14-gauge steel.


Some scanners can store up to two hundred fingerprints, while others may only store five to ten. Some buyers will store their own fingerprints, using different fingers and/or different angles, to improve their chances of quickly entering the safe in an emergency situation. Additionally, a home security safe that can store more prints will allow other members in the home to access the safe as well.

Battery Life

The biometric lock on the gun safe and the scanner itself run on batteries. You don’t want a safe that drains batteries too quickly. However, how fast a gun safe can go through batteries can also depend on how often someone enters the safe.

Look for a model that has a low battery life indicator, whether it’s a light that pops on or it’s an audible alert.

Batteries should be changed promptly. The last thing you want is to be unable to enter the safe in an emergency.

Most models will run on lithium-ion batteries, AAs, or 9 volt.

Door Seal

Low quality models may not come with a fire seal, but a good quality seal is just as important as a safe’s high fireproof rating. The door’s seal protects the contents of the gun safe from fire, smoke, and water damage. Tight seals prevent moisture from seeping into the safe on a daily basis, preventing firearms from rusting and corroding. Fireproof seals expand in the event of a fire. This keeps fire, smoke and water from entering when water is used to extinguish a serious fire.

Fireproof Vs Fire-Resistant

When you come across a safe that a manufacturer claims is fireproof, try not to fall for the hype. There’s no such thing as a totally fireproof gun safe, at least not when it comes to the types of safes that are sold to consumers. However, many of the top models are fire-resistant. A safe that’s fire-resistant is able to resist fire and smoke for a certain period of time, ranging from half an hour up to two and a half hours.

Fire Rating

If you want a model that can provide top of the line protection from fire protection, look for a safe that has at least a one hour fire resistance rating. Models that have a rating of less than an hour are not able to adequately protect documents or cash during a fire. Your average house fire can burn at up to 1200 degrees. Paper will start to burn at 450 degrees. If the safe is located near where the fire started, then it will be exposed to higher temperatures, compared to if it was located in a different part of the home. While a safe that’s fire resistant can do a decent job of protecting the contents of a safe for a determined period of time, they should not be used to store and secure important, irreplaceable documents or large sums of cash.

Protection from Intruders

Burglar Rating

Fireproof ratings, water resistance ratings and burglary ratings can make shopping for a new safe confusing and overwhelming.

In the United States, there are a couple of systems that are used for safe ratings. One is developed by Underwriters labs, which is a company that provides third-party testing. The other system was developed by insurance companies and focuses on the construction of the safe.

A safe that doesn’t have a burglar rating is categorized as a home safe.


A safe with this rating has a body that’s made with steel that’s a quarter of an inch-thick. B-rated safes also usually come with a door that’s approximately half an inch thick.


A model with a C rating has a door that’s at least one-inch thick, and a body that’s made out of steel that’s half an inch thick or more.

Residential Security Containers Rating System

biometric safe

This rating system includes three rating levels that determine whether a safe will have a rating of:

  • RSCI

Usually, biometric gun safes that have this rating are categorized as gun safes and are tested by experts. A safe is awarded an RSC rating based on how long it takes the expert to access the inside of the safe. Keep in mind, the break-in time only begins when a tool comes into contact with the safe, so the actual length of time it takes to break into a safe can be significantly longer than what is listed.


A rating of RSCI requires a safe to handle five minutes of attack by a person using common hand tools including hammers and drills. This type of safe often comes equipped with a type 1 electronic lock or a UL Group II combination lock. The walls of the safe must be made out of twelve-gauge steel. Most models designed for home use can exceed this requirement.


A RSCII rating requires a model to handle ten-minutes of an attack by two people using tools that include drills and carbide bits, picks, and other types of tools that are commonly used to crack a safe. Biometric gun safes with this rating are similar to commercial safes.


Models with this rating are not yet on the market. The testing process for this rating is similar to that of the RSC II’s, but includes the use of a wider variety of tools to gain access.

TL Ratings

A TL rating is used by Underwriter Labs. If you have a large gun collection or want a safe you can use to store a large sum of cash, then a safe with a TL rating is what you want.

Safes with a TL rating can withstand a tougher attack and offer a higher level of durability. Additionally, the locks on these safes also have stricter standards. The materials of the safer will be tougher, thicker and designed with anti-burglary features.

How Do Biometric Safes Measure Up Against Combination Safes?

Over the past couple of years, biometric safe technology has been advancing, making them a more popular option than traditional combination safes, but are they really better?

Limited Access

The biggest difference between combination and biometric safes is how the contents of the safe can be accessed. With biometric models, you’ll use a fingerprint to open the door. The fingerprint reader scans your fingerprint and the door can be opened. Additionally, the scanner’s technology is able to recognize multiple fingerprints, so the owner can choose who has access to the safe. With a combination safe, anyone who finds out the combination of the safe can enter.

Faster Entry

In an emergency, you need to gain access to your safe silently and quickly. But some biometric pistol safes have issues with their finger scanner’s accuracy, which can require multiple attempts. Additionally, other models may only offer one option to gain entry to a safe, which can be a problem if the safe’s batteries die.

Another important consideration when you’re trying to choose between biometric and combination safes is how quickly you can access a firearm. In an emergency situation, how quickly you can enter a safe can be a matter of life and death. During a break-in, the safe owner will be under a high level of stress, trying to quickly access the safe, without alerting the intruder. In situations such as this, it’s common for a safe owner to forget the combination to their safe or have trouble using their combination. A biometric safe eliminates these problems, allowing you to quickly scan your fingerprint and pop open the safe’s door.


Biometric pistol safes are more expensive than a standard combination lock safe. However, this can also depend on a safe’s durability, burglary rating, and size. When it comes to a biometric gun safe, you really don’t want to base your decision on price alone. Like most products, higher priced safes tend to offer better quality and a higher level of protection. The best gun safes are often made out of thicker steel and come with more access options, a larger fingerprint scanner memory, and a pry-resistant design. On average, you’ll come across safes that start off at $62, up to $300.

Read Read Biometric Gun Safe Reviews

On your search for the best biometric gun safes, you’ll come across a wide array of models, which can make choosing the right biometric gun safe for your home seem like an overwhelming process. Make sure you read biometric gun safe reviews for each biometric pistol safe you’re interested in. This will give you an unbiased look at how each model works, the best features the safe comes with, and the level of protection it provides. Is opening the safe with the fingerprint scanner fast and easy? Does the fingerprint gun safe feel solid? How many firearms can the gun cabinet really hold? Reviews can answer all of these questions and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Biometric Safes Reliable?

This can vary from model to model. Some safes have fingerprint scanners that are very accurate, while others will display an error reading or can require multiple attempts to enter. The best biometric gun safe is reliable and offers fast access in the event of an emergency.

What is a Biometric Safe?

This type of safe will use the owner’s fingerprint to open the safe’s door. This type of technology is able to recognize unique fingerprints and provides safe access once the fingerprint has been scanned. The technology used can recognize several different fingerprints, so safe owners can choose who has access to their safe’s contents.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Safe?

Look for a model that has a solid plate steel door that’s made out of a quarter of an inch thick steel. Additionally, models that have a UL TL 15 rating are resistant to a burglar’s safe cracking tools.

Final Thoughts

The best biometric safe will provide a minimum of one hour of fire protection, should come equipped with a fingerprint scanner that has a high accuracy rating, and should be made out of the toughest gauge steel you can find. The products that landed on my top six list each earned high marks for durability, fast entry, scanner accuracy, and overall quality. With this buyer’s guide and my list of the leading safes on the market, you should have no trouble finding a model that offers the level of protection you need to keep your valuables safe and out of the hands of thieves.

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