Author: Gabe Jordan

Man carving grilled

Best Animals to Hunt and Trap: Surviving to the Finish

If you’re trying to safely get yourself and your family through a natural disaster then learning about the best animals to hunt and trap in your neck of the woods can provide you with a reliable food source until help arrives. The ability to track, trap, and prepare food straight […]

Man lumberjack with Ax & Hatchet

How to Sharpen an Axe with a Stone: The Beginner’s Guide

A sharp axe will cut smoothly, evenly, and easily, slicing right through the wood with each swing. But not all axe owners pay attention to blade sharpness, which can make any chore incredibly difficult. Because of this, learning how to properly care for your axe is crucial [Need a hatchet? […]

small black backpack

5.11 COVRT18 Tactical Covert Military Backpack Review

The Covrt is one of the latest packs by 5.11 and it’s specifically designed to look inconspicuous. This is a full-sized pack that provides only the best in tactical efficiency and utility, in any type of environment. It’s the best survival backpack on the market, but it can also work […]

Make the fire

How to Start a Fire with Nothing: The 4 Top Methods

Every person should know how to start a fire with nothing. It’s simply an essential survival skill. You’ll never know when you need to use this skill in an emergency and you don’t want to be stuck in the cold and the dark, without a fire to protect you and […]

Simple natural water

What is the Best Way to Purify Water?

In an emergency situation, having safe, clean drinking water is a top priority. Whether you’re at home during a natural disaster, you’re lost in the woods, or you’re dealing with some type of crisis situation, considering you can only live for three days without water, knowing how to purify water […]

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Uncharted Supply SEVENTY2 Emergency Survival Backpack Review

If you’re preparing for the worst, buying the best survival backpack should definitely be a priority. There are many popular models of survival packs to choose from these days, but the Seventy2 manages to stand out from the competition, not just because it features an impressive, tough design. This is […]

brown backpack

5.11Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack Review

The Rush 24 by 5.11 is a military pack that’s received a lot of positive feedback from survivalists of all skill levels. The pack itself is designed to provide the maximum amount of space without negatively impacting the wearer’s mobility. It’s quality all the way and comes loaded with important […]

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Gearrific Tactical Backpack Review

This tactical backpack by Gearrific is considered the best survival backpack in this price range. It’s a forty-liter pack that’s compressable and comes equipped with a ton of extra gear that you’ll find yourself relying on in an emergency situation. This is a versatile, lightweight pack that can hold plenty […]