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best gun vise

Best Gun Vise: Buyer’s Guide and Top 4 Choices

Part of being a responsible gun owner is properly maintaining your firearms. This can involve cleaning and lubing your handguns, rifles, and shotguns after each trip to the range, hunting trip, or target practice session. Using the best gun vise, you can clean your guns thoroughly, install and adjust sights, […]

maintaining a bore snake

How to Use a Bore Snake: The Guide for Beginners

Many of us don’t clean our guns as often as we should. For many, it’s a time-consuming job and we don’t always have time to clean our guns right after use. Those gun owners in search of a tool that can give a handgun a thorough cleaning in a matter […]

range bags

Best Range Bag: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide & Top 9 Bags

The best range bag is specifically designed to carry all of your firearms, magazines and other range essentials. This can include all of your tactical gear from shooting gloves and firearms to a first aid kit and holsters. If you frequently visit the range, then a top-of-the-line range bag is […]

man cleaning a gun

Best Gun Oil: Buyer’s Guide and Top 6 Products

As a gun owner, taking care of and maintaining your firearm is important. Gun oil should be used to protect your firearm from outside and inside elements, will make the components in your firearm function smoothly, and can prevent rust. The best gun oil can also prevent wear and tear […]

man with best shooting gloves

Best Shooting Gloves: Epic Buyer’s Guide

If you normally shoot firearms at your local indoor range, then you may not understand why shooting gloves are necessary. While there are definitely benefits to shooting without them, there are certain conditions where the best shooting gloves will be invaluable. I’ve created this buyer’s guide to go over the […]

man holding a tactical knife

Best Tactical Knife: Buyer’s Guide & Top 10 Products

For many people, tactical knives are perfect for everyday carry. The best tactical knife is comfortable to hold, durable, sharp, and the perfect tool for extreme circumstances. These knives are often used by the military, law enforcement, hunters, and survivalists. Finding the right knife can be a matter of personal […]

child getting gun from safe

Best Biometric Gun Safe: A Complete Buyers’ Guide

Using a biometric safe can be the best way to keep your firearms, cash, jewelry, and other valuables safe and secure. But considering how the market is now flooded with this type of safe, finding the best biometric gun safe is going to take some research. That’s where I come […]

caldwell chronograph

Best Chronograph for Shooting: Buyer’s Guide and Best 5 Models

The best shooting chronograph accurately measures the muzzle velocity, or speed that the bullets leave the barrel of a gun. Muzzle velocity is an important factor when it comes to determining which bullet cartridges offer the best performance based on their speed and weight. Unfortunately, not all shooting chronographs are […]

best shot timer

Best Shot Timer: Buyer’s Guide & Top 6 Models

The best shot timer can improve firearm control and level up your speed. There are a lot of these devices currently on the market, which can make choosing and comparing them seem tedious, if not a little frustrating. But with the right tool, you’ll get more out of each practice […]

man with the best stun gun

Best Stun Guns-Complete Buyer’s Guide and Top 8 Products

Stun guns have been used by law enforcement for years as a way to immobilize a person, temporarily. One of these devices can send thousands of volts of electricity coursing through the body. These days, with the rise in crime rates, a stun gun is often used for personal defense. […]

best tourniquet in demo

Best Tourniquet Buyer’s Guide: Top 6 Models

A tourniquet is a medical device that works by squeezing large blood vessels. When pressure is applied to the blood vessels it can stop blood loss. It can also be one of the most important items in a bug out bag. This type of medical equipment can end up saving […]

pistol how to move a gun safe

How to Move a Gun Safe: The Best Methods Explained

There’s no question, most heavy-duty gun safes are heavy, bulky, and awkward to move. But learning how to move a gun safe the right way can be important, if you’re planning on moving or you simply want to relocate your safe to a more secure location in the home. Why? […]

Woman with pepper spray

Best Pepper Spray: Buyer’s Guide and Top 10 Sprays

The best pepper spray can be the perfect self-defense weapon to carry on you at all times. It’s a type of non-lethal way to stay safe, whether you’re running errands late at night, or you want a non-lethal form of home protection. However, not all pepper sprays are created equal. […]

Allen Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit

Allen Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit Review

Cleaning and maintaining a firearm is an important part of gun ownership. The Allen Ultimate gun cleaning kit is massive and includes a wide variety of cleaning tools that will keep your handguns, shotguns, and rifles in perfect working order. Of course, the quality of these cleaning tools will have […]

preparing to cut sticks

How to Sharpen Your Survival Knife Like a Pro

Learning how to sharpen your survival knife is an important survival skill to have, considering a dull knife is basically useless. It’s very important to keep a survival knife as close to peak condition as possible, at all times. If you don’t normally sharpen your knives yourself, now is the […]

range box

Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box Review

Gun enthusiasts with a large collection, those new to gun ownership, and any gun owner who wants to keep their firearms in pristine condition will appreciate everything the Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box has to offer. This kit is massive in size and comes with many popular and unique […]

gun cleaning vise

Best Gun Cleaning Stand for Rifles & Pistols: Buyer’s Guide

The best gun cleaning stand will be indispensable and it’s a must-have piece of gear that every gun enthusiast should keep in their gun cleaning kit. Regardless of whether you’re cleaning your firearm or working on it, a stand will make the entire process much easier. While some gun owners […]

The Ultimate Guide to Steel Challenge Shooting Competitions

Steel Challenge shooting competitions are governed by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association, also referred to as the SCSA. If you’re a gun enthusiast who is looking for the next big challenge, then this ultimate guide on the Steel Challenge will go over everything you need to know about this popular […]

shot gun on a mat

Best Gun Cleaning Mat: Buyer’s Guide

The best gun cleaning mat can save you plenty of time and energy. If you’re dedicated to keeping your firearms in pristine condition, then a mat is one of those must-have pieces of gear you need to make your job much easier, thanks to its ability to contain grease, grime, […]

gun safe keeping

Best Handgun Safe: Complete Buyer’s Guide

The best way to store your handgun is by securing it in a safe. As a responsible gun owner, storing your weapon in the best handgun safe will ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, does not get damaged by fire or water, and will be readily accessible when […]

soldier by the rails

Best Tactical Pants: Complete Buyer’s Guide

The type of pants you wear often largely depends on what you plan on doing when you’re wearing them. There are a variety of styles and types of pants, from work pants, to track pants, and denim jeans for casual wear. But when you’re planning for a natural disaster or […]

gun cleaning kit

How Often Should You Clean Your Gun?

Cleaning a firearm is an important part of being prepared. If you’re an experienced gun owner, then you already know that keeping a firearm clean improves its accuracy and reliability when you’re at a range. However, in other situations, a clean firearm can save your life. But how often should […]

man at shooting practice

Best 3-Gun Scope: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

The best 3-gun scope can be used for competition use and hunting. This type of scope will feature a sleek design and offer the type of optics needed to make a shot. However, purchasing this type of scope will take plenty of research since high-quality optics will be essential and […]

Hunter aiming at target

Best Offset Mount: Complete Buyer’s Guide

The best offset mount can solve a lot of scope mounting issues, can improve shooting accuracy, and can provide more eye relief. When you use a standard ring that attaches to a scope directly above each mounting point, it will usually end up too close to the shooter’s face, hindering […]

girl camping

Best Hydration Pack: Buyer’s Guide & Top Products

The best hydration pack will make drinking on the go efficient and very convenient. With most of the leading packs, you won’t even have to slow down or stop to enjoy a quick drink of water, all you have to do is grab the drinking tube that’s connected to the […]

man filtering his water

Best Portable Water Filter: In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

The best portable water filter will remove contaminants from water, making it drinkable, while also improving its taste. A portable water purification device is self-contained and easy to transport and carry. Typically, these water filters are compact, hand-carried, and commonly used by survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and military personnel. Using the […]

bag loaded with weapon

Best Tactical Fanny Pack: In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

Using the best tactical fanny pack will keep your firearm accessible, while allowing you to carry it more comfortably. It also provides an easier way to carry, without the need of a bulky or uncomfortable traditional holster. These days, due to their rise in popularity, you’ll find no shortage of […]

navigation watch

Best Survival Watch: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

A survival situation can happen in an instant. Because of this, many people are always looking for different ways that they can increase their preparedness. Using the best survival watch can be invaluable in emergency situations. It can be worn daily, anywhere, unlike other survival gear which you can’t always […]

old school navigation tools

How to Navigate with a Map and a Compass

Learning how to navigate with a map and compass isn’t as complicated as you may think, and it can be a true lifesaver when you’re traveling through the backcountry and your phone or GPS device dies on you. In reality, nothing can be more reliable than a compass and a […]

Sharpening an axe

How to Sharpen a Hatchet: The Top 7 Methods

A hatchet is an important wood-cutting tool, one that combines the power and heft of an ax, with the precision of a one-handed tool. This is what makes it so useful for people who want to harvest and split wood. But in order to get the most out of this […]

Outdoor travel equipment

Best Survival Kits: In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

Nothing can give you more peace of mind than knowing you’ll be prepared in the event of a disaster or emergency situation. The best survival kits can be used in a variety of situations, however, the point of using one of these kits is to help you survive, whether you’re […]

Special forces soldier

Best Pistol Red Dot Sights Complete Buyer’s Guide

The best pistol red dot sights are designed to completely transform a basic handgun into an impressively accurate weapon. These sights are designed to increase shooting performance by improving shot accuracy and speeding up the target acquisition times. These devices will highlight your target, which will make it much easier […]

Man reaching for a pistol on his belt

Best Gun Belt: In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

Most gun enthusiasts will spend time and plenty of money searching for the perfect gun holster, when they should be investing their cash in the best gun belt. Too many people tend to skip looking for a gun belt altogether and will go with a belt they already wear, regardless […]

strike a fire

Best Fire Starter Ignitors: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Camping out, especially in inclement weather can be really tough, particularly if you don’t have a way to make a fire in such wet conditions. Using the best fire starter will ensure you enjoy a campfire with the family after a nice day of hiking through the backcountry. These devices […]

hunting apparel

Best Shooting Bags for Rifles and Shotguns: Buyer’s Guide

In the shooting world, shooting bags are considered one of the most underrated accessories. When done correctly, using the best shooting bags will enhance your ability in the field and on the bench, significantly. In fact, many of today’s top competitive shooters swear by this setup. But if you’ve never […]

self defense

Best Concealed Carry Holster

When it comes to concealed carry, the rules are simple you need to use the best concealed carry holster to secure your weapon at all times. When you have a concealed carry permit you will carry your gun daily, which means you need to use a tough, reliable holster that […]

sight push assembly

Best Universal Sight Pusher: Buyer’s Guide

Sight pushers are tools that can come in very handy for the gun enthusiast that wants to install, remove, or adjust a sight on their own, saving cash that would otherwise go toward professional installation or adjustments. But finding the best sight pusher can be a challenge, especially since the […]

girl target shooting

Best Shooting Glasses: Buyer’s Guide and Top Products

The best shooting glasses will protect your eyes from oils and lubricants flying rearward and ricochets. Because shooting without eye protection can be seriously dangerous, most gun ranges all over the country require them. But finding the right pair of glasses can be a challenge, especially since there are so […]

GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Kit Review

If you own several firearms of different calibers, then cleaning your gun collection can be a complicated, challenging task. In some cases, you’ll have to purchase several different types of kits and additional tools to get the job done. GloryFire has come up with an excellent solution, a universal gun […]