Allen Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit Review

Cleaning and maintaining a firearm is an important part of gun ownership. The Allen Ultimate gun cleaning kit is massive and includes a wide variety of cleaning tools that will keep your handguns, shotguns, and rifles in perfect working order. Of course, the quality of these cleaning tools will have a big impact on how well you can clean your firearm but considering the high marks this kit has received from many gun enthusiasts, it’s no wonder it’s one of Allen’s biggest sellers. But does it have the type of quality cleaning tools and supplies that you need to take on those neglected firearms that haven’t had a proper cleaning in years? In this Allen Ultimate gun cleaning kit review, I’ll go in-depth concerning the different tools and supplies this kit offers, how each tool is used, and what type of quality you can expect from this popular gun cleaning kit.

Our Verdict: The Allen Ultimate gun cleaning kit includes sixty-five pieces of cleaning tools and cleaning supplies. Despite the low price tag, it includes cleaning tools that are made out of high-quality materials. The set is perfect for gun owners of all skill levels, and definitely a must-have for the serious gun owner who wants to keep their firearms in perfect working order. The set lacks a solvent and lubricant, but for most gun owners, this won’t be a deal breaker. All of the tools and cleaning supplies are housed in a large, durable toolbox that includes dedicated spots for all of the supplies, which will allow the gun owner to keep all of your gear neatly organized and easily accessible. This set is a great buy for any gun owner who wants to stay on top of gun cleaning and maintenance or for those who are in search of a heavy-duty cleaning kit that can handle firearms that have been neglected and are in desperate need of a good cleaning.

Overview and Features

A firearm can be unpredictable and unsafe to use if it hasn’t been properly cleaned. Because of this, it’s important to keep in mind the cleaning needs of each type of firearm you own. Cleaning a firearm should come naturally. You’ll also need to lubricate some parts of a firearm to minimize friction and keep the gun working smoothing. That being said, a good gun cleaning kit should come with several different tools and supplies that will allow you to deep clean your firearm and ensure smooth firing action. This kit by Allen comes with most of the supplies you’ll need to clean your firearm, save for lubricant and solvent. However, many gun enthusiasts often have their own special brands of lubricants and solvents that they use, so the lack of these two important products will not be a drawback for most buyers. Below, I’ll go over each of the tools and supplies you’ll find in this kit, how they work and why they’re important.

Allen Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit

Our Rating: (4/5)

  • Tools are made out of bronze
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy-duty toolbox
  • Tools are very versatile
  • Low price
  • Muzzle guard protects the firearm from damage during cleaning


Package Details

If you’re a pro shooter, then you need a cleaning kit that comes loaded with important cleaning tools that you’ll find yourself reaching for often, to improve your firearm’s shooting performance and accuracy.

This is a sixty-five-piece set that’s categorized as professional grade and it comes loaded with plenty of high-quality components that are neatly stored in a toolbox that’s specifically designed for gun cleaning supplies.

This kit comes loaded with all the necessary components that you need to clean a .410 bore shotgun and for cleaning 20 and 12 gauges, and standard pistol and rifle calibers, making it one of the most versatile kits on the market. Below, I’ll go over every tool and the cleaning supplies you’ll find inside this massive gun cleaning kit, starting with the toolbox.


The toolbox comes loaded with a wide variety of cleaning brushes, rods, swabs, patches, and more. The toolbox itself has dedicated spots for each piece of gear, so all of your supplies will remain neatly organized, making them easily accessible. The box itself is durable, and perfect for on the go use, if you’re planning a hunting or camping trip and you want to keep your gun cleaning kit on hand.


Many gun enthusiasts are very particular about the type of brushes they use to clean their firearm. This includes the quality of the brush and the type of material the brushes are made out of. In many cases, you’ll come across kits that include mediocre quality brushes that can damage the gun if they’re not used carefully. Fortunately, the manufacturer has included top of the line brushes, so you won’t need to upgrade this part of the kit.

This kit comes with shotgun bore brushes that are made out of bronze, the best type of material for bore brushes. The shotgun bore brushes can handle cleaning:

  • 12
  • 20
  • .410
  • All 5/16-27 threads
  • The pistol and rifle brushes can clean:
  • .17
  • .22
  • .243
  • .270
  • .30
  • .338
  • .35
  • .375
  • .40
  • .44/.45
  • .50
  • .54

These bore brushes are a must-have for any pro. They offer the type of versatile cleaning capability that ensures your firearm is well-maintained and cleaned efficiently. They’re designed to handle your firearm properly in a way that provides maximum flexibility and reach for cleaning those hard to reach tough areas.

Knowing how to use a bore brush properly will be the key to perfectly cleaning your firearm. The size of the bore brush you need will depend on each specific type of rifle, shotgun, or handgun. If you’re not sure which bore brush to use, search online and refer to a bore brush size chart, which will include the different bore brush sizes available and what firearms they’re designed for.

These brushes are made out of bronze, which is a tough material that will effectively remove any grime, grease, or carbon buildup, without using too much elbow grease. If you use a solvent to clean your firearms, then bronze is a much better choice than nylon and it does a more efficient job of removing rust, powder, carbon deposits, metal fouling, and lead.

Many people mistakenly believe that bronze can do serious damage to their bore over the long term, scratching it, however, bronze doesn’t scratch steel any more than other types of materials can and will over time.

Some people favor nylon because they feel that it won’t scratch the bore like bronze can. However, if scratches are a huge concern, either forego using a bore brush altogether, or use a muzzle guard. Using a jag and some patches will cause the least amount of damage over time, but a brush is what you need if you’re dealing with a seriously dirty firearm.

If you decide to just baby the barrel instead of giving it a good clean with a brush, it’s only going to get dirtier over time.

Brass Jags

This kit also includes brass jags for the following types of pistols and rifles:

  • .17
  • .22
  • .243/6 mm
  • .25
  • .270
  • .30
  • .338
  • .35
  • .375
  • .44
  • .45
  • .50

These jags are small attachments that are placed on the end of the cleaning rods. They do a great job of holding a cleaning patch securely in place as you push the rod through the bore. Using one is fairly simple, just take the jag and use it to pierce the middle of a patch and shove the patch through the barrel.

Cleaning Rods

This set includes two three-piece cleaning rods: 6 mm and 4 mm.

Cleaning rods are often used with a solvent and pulled through the bore approximately five to ten times. The rods consist of a swivel handle and a rod. When the handle is positioned correctly, it’s possible for you to get it deep down into the bore of a rifle, easily. This will allow you to clean out any debris and residue in the bore. As you can see, cleaning rods are a very important part of a gun cleaning kit.

Cleaning Patches

Most gun cleaning kits come with cleaning patches. When using patches, the goal is to have the patch come out white. If your gun is filthy and it’s been months or even years since you’ve cleaned it, you may find yourself using ten to twenty patches until one finally comes out clean.

These cotton patches measure in at 1.5 inches by 3 inches and 1 inch by 3 inches. Additionally, you can also reorder more patches of the same size to fill this kit, once you begin to run low. How many patches you’ll use during the cleaning process will depend on how dirty or clean your firearm is. Fortunately, cleaning patches are very affordable, so you can actually save some cash if you reorder in bulk.

Cotton Swabs

This set comes with swabs for rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

For a shotgun, you’ll have your choice from:

  • .12
  • .20
  • .410 bore
  • All 5/16-27 thread
  • For rifles and pistols, the set comes with swabs for:
  • All 8-32 thread
  • .270 caliber
  • .30
  • .357/9 mm

Slotted Tips

The brass slotted tips are used when you wipe the bore with preservatives or oil or when you flood the barrel with solvent. This set comes with tips for shotguns, pistols, and rifles.

For shotguns, you’ll find slotted tips that are compatible with 5/16-27 thread. For pistols and rifles, you get slotted tips that are compatible with: .22, .30 and .40 caliber.

Brass Adapters

The brass adapters in this set are designed for shotguns that are 5/16-27 thread and pistols and rifles that are 8/32 thread, and .20 caliber.

These adapters will allow you to interchange cleaning brushes, so you can use certain types of brushes that would not normally fit in their rods. Basically, the adapters allow you to attach a cleaning rod for cleaning end accessories such as brushes and caliber rods. These adapters are easy to use, convenient, and allow you to get the most out of the cleaning brushes in this set.

Muzzle Guards

This tool is a must-have for many gun enthusiasts who have invested plenty of their hard-earned cash in their gun collection and want to ensure the gun remains in perfect condition and is not accidentally damaged during the cleaning process.

The muzzle guards are designed for 6 mm and 4 mm cleaning rods. A muzzle guard is considered a great little extra that you can use to clean your gun. This basic small brass device will prevent nicks and scratches that can reduce your firearm’s accuracy and disfigure your weapon. Using one is pretty simple. All you need to do is insert the muzzle guard into the gun’s muzzle, place the conical section of the guard inside the muzzle, positioning the guard so that it’s sitting evenly in the barrel. The fit will be nice and snug, but not too tight. Next, you’ll take one of the cleaning rods and insert it into the gun’s muzzle and use it as you normally would. With the guard in place, the rod will not make any contact with the muzzle’s crown, thus preventing scratches and nicks that can have a negative impact on the firearm’s accuracy, or lessen the firearm’s cosmetic appeal.

Pick Tool

The pick tool is another important piece of gun cleaning gear that will come in handy when you’re dealing with a particularly dirty gun or if you’re very anal about detailing your firearms. The pick can access any hard to reach areas, easily.


This gun cleaning kit comes with all the gear you’ll need to clean your rifle, shotgun, or handgun. The manufacturer has done an excellent job of including all the necessary tools that will work for most firearms in your collection. Of course, before you buy this kit, you’ll want to make sure the rods and brushes are compatible with your specific weapons. Fortunately, these tools are very versatile, so in most cases, you can use this kit for most, if not all, of your firearms. With this type of kit, you can give your firearms the attention and maintenance needed to ensure they work perfectly at all times and remain fire ready. If you’re a new gun owner, then you’ll appreciate the wide range of supplies included, which makes the whole process of cleaning a firearm much easier. However, the kit lacks any type of solvent or lubricant, so you’ll need to purchase them separately. Additionally, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the toolbox, which is heavy-duty and features individual spots for each type of cleaning tool and supplies, so everything will remain well-organized and easily accessible. This kit is a great buy for both seasoned and new gun owners alike and it’s available at a reasonable price.

Benefits of Using this Gun Cleaning Kit

  • Like any type of machine, a gun is going to undergo plenty of wear and tear after prolonged use. One of the biggest reasons you should use this gun cleaning kit regularly is to keep a close eye on the state of the small hidden parts on your firearm. The early detection of metal burrs and cracks can make all the difference in a live or die situation. Did you know that a dirty gun is responsible for up to 90% of stoppages and malfunctions? Wear and tear, rust, and dirt are the biggest enemies to proper gun function. Using this kit regularly can ensure that these issues are detected early and whatever parts need to be replaced are taken care of in a timely manner.
  • With this kit, you’ll ensure the longevity of your firearm, since when properly cared for, a firearm can last for generations.
  • Frequent cleaning can deal with rust, while protecting your gun from the disastrous effects that rust can have on the metal parts of your weapon.
  • It will also ensure your gun is able to fire accurately and reliably. Fouling buildup over the years can have a major impact on how reliable a firearm is. Weapons that aren’t well-maintained can’t be relied upon to fire.
  • Copper that’s built up inside of a precision rifle will have a huge impact on its accuracy. As you already know, rust is corrosive and will eat the metal away on a firearm. It will create pits in the barrel of a rifle.
  •     If you’re new to gun ownership, using this kit often can also help you learn more about your firearm and how it works. Consistent and thorough cleanings will involve dismantling and reassembling different parts of a firearm. You’ll get to learn about the inner workings of your firearm and be able to identify in the future, which areas are in need of more attention during maintenance.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Includes high-quality components made out of bronze
  • Muzzle guard provides essential protection against nicks and scratches
  • Toolbox keeps all of your gear organized
  • Set includes cleaning tools that are very versatile
  • Low price
  • Toolbox is heavy-duty


  • Does not include solvent
  • Does not include lubricant

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (5/5)

The Allen Ultimate gun cleaning kit checked most of the boxes on my list in terms of what a pro-quality gun cleaning kit should look like. The biggest drawback is the lack of lubricant and solvent, but as I mentioned earlier, most gun enthusiasts have their solvent and lubricant of choice, so they don’t bother using those types of products that come in some gun cleaning sets. However, if you’re looking for a kit that comes with all the gear you’ll need to clean and maintain your firearms, then you may be disappointed that the kit lacks these two important cleaning products. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll need to factor in the additional cost of both the solvent and lubricant. Aside from the lack of these two products, this set is pretty impressive and includes tools and brushes that are made out of high-quality bronze. It also comes with plenty of cleaning swabs and patches, so you’ll be well prepared to handle some major cleaning needs. If it’s been ages since you’ve properly cleaned your firearms, this is definitely the set you need to restore your firearms to their former glory. I gave this set a rating of five out of five stars.

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